Creator Spotlight: Muaaz

Meet Muaaz. Gamer, tech reviewer, YouTube expert, and recent college grad. He has been messing around on YouTube since 2008, but after developing a proper content model in 2016, he has amassed nearly 170,000 subscribers and built an even greater community of fans.

We had the chance to talk with Muaaz and learn a bit more about him.

Define Your Channel in 5 Words
Intersection of Gaming and Technology

What does a typical work day look like for you?
Like most Social Media Influencers, my day starts by checking my phone. I start with Twitter and immediately respond to the DMs and Tweets I received from viewers in different time-zones while I was asleep. Next I'll check my emails and text messages to see if there's any business inquiries I might need to get back to.

I take my breakfast to my desk and start the day off my replying to any emails I saw earlier on my phone. From there, I'll see how my newer videos are performing and also go respond to some comments I may have missed while asleep.  Once all that's done, I'll shower and get started on my next video. By the time I have managed to come up with content that you think would be interesting to watch as a viewer - it's harder than you think! I'll have dinner and record/edit if it's not too late by the time I'm done with everything.

I like to keep the last 2-3 hours of my day dedicated to gaming and catching up with my friends. I'm also a pretty big fan of binge watching TV shows in my free-time and you'll always catch me doing that prior to falling asleep, haha.

Where do you get inspiration for your videos?
I get a lot of inspiration for my videos from the community I've been able to build. Everyone is so kind and wants to see each other to succeed so we all help each other come up with content. For those of you who don't know, my audience formed from me making helpful videos at the intersection of gaming and technology. Whenever I see someone struggling with something in that space, or with something YouTube related, it usually sparks an idea in my head for a tutorial or guide that I can upload. I know if one person is struggling with something, they're usually not the only one, and that's how I come up with my guides and tutorial videos.

What equipment and software do you like to use for your videos?
Softwares that help me record and edit my videos are Vegas Pro 16, OBS, Audacity, and Adobe Audition.
The physical equipment I use for recordings are my Logitech BRIO webcam and Blue Yeti microphone.

How do you get past mental roadblocks?
I like to take a step back and evaluate my content, see what I can improve on, which videos did well and which ones didn't. From there I see if there's anyway I can expand off of the videos that did well because then they'll appeal to that same audience again. I also look at my peers and see what's been working for them because that usually sparks some innovative idea in my head on how I can make a video appeal to viewers in a better way. Sometimes it's good to take a look at what's working for other people and see if there's anyway you can add your own spin to it, this is how a lot of challenges and trends start up.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Being a stable full-time YouTube or streamer would be fantastic but to be honest, I would really love to be working in a content or brand strategy role in the marketing department of an innovative company like Discord, YouTube, Twitch, etc.

Which YouTubers do you like to watch?
Nadeshot is probably my favorite YouTuber to watch, I've watched every upload of his since about 2012/13 and he's had a huge influence on my life and how I present myself to others. As for newer YouTubers I watch, I've been a fan of Pokimane for a while now and am always watching her YouTube content and Twitch streams.

If you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be?
I had to do a Buzzfeed Quiz for this because I had no idea haha, it turns out I'm a lot like a Emperor Penguin!

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