5 Steps to Grow Your Channel Using Twitter

Growing your YouTube channel isn’t always as simple as asking people to hit the bell and subscribe during each of your videos. In order to
really grow your following, you need to promote your channel outside of YouTube itself. There are many great places to reach your potential viewer base, and Twitter is one of our favorites.

Here are 5 steps to take in order to use Twitter to help grow your channel.


Set up your Twitter profile so it aligns with your brand identity on YouTube.
There should be visual consistency between what users are seeing on Twitter and what they see on your YouTube channel. This may mean changing your Twitter handle and art to match your What you have on YouTube. You may even want to create a completely separate Twitter account for your channel, so your followers don’t get confused by your personal profile. Whatever your choose to do, be sure that your followers can easily see the connection between Twitter and your channel.

Make sure you know how Twitter works.
Each social platform has its own intricacies, and Twitter is no different. One of the main things that distinguishes Twitter from the rest of the social networks is the amount of content and how quickly the content moves down the timeline. You may tweet something, and within a few hours it will be so far buried down in the timeline that very few people will ever see it. Twitter also forces you to keep your content short - it’s not a place to post your entire dissertation on the recent Adpocalypse. By understanding what Twitter really is, you can better utilize it to bring attention to your channel and videos.


Don’t be afraid to post multiple times about the same thing.
Since the Twitter timeline moves so fast, your posts will rarely be seen by the majority of your followers, so don’t be afraid to duplicate your posts. Try not to repost the same tweet exactly, but it is good practice to post about the same piece of content in a few different ways, to help ensure it is getting seen.

Utilize tools to help post.
Since we can’t all be glued to our Twitter feeds for multiple hours a day, using a content scheduling tool like Hootsuite or SproutSocial can help you keep up with the frequency of posts. Take a few hours out each week and schedule all of your posts to help save time (and sanity!) And TubeBuddy recently released our Share to Twitter feature - now you can alert all of your Twitter followers about a new video without having to leave YouTube.


Be direct and concise.
In order to help get your tweets seen through the mass of the Twitter timeline, be direct and concise in what you say. Shorter tweets are easier to spot and more digestible to the user. Your followers will know exactly what you are trying to say and be more likely to engage. And referring back to Step 2, tweeting multiple shorter tweets is a much better strategy then trying to cram all of the info into one.

Talk about more than just your videos.
Your followers want to hear about more than just your videos. Talk about things going on it your space or the niche you’re in. Tweet about industry news and other things your followers would be interested in. Your tweets should have value to keep your followers wanting to learn more.


Mention and tag the brands and creators that are included in your video.
Gain more exposure by mentioning the products and brands you are using in your videos and the creators you are working with. Everyone likes free advertising, and they will likely engage with, or even retweet, your post, which spreads your message to their followers as well.

Include relevant hashtags.
Using hashtags that are relevant to your videos can help expand your reach beyond those who already follow you. You can also try and utilize trending hashtags, but only if they make sense for your content. We also recommend including your own custom hashtag, i.e. #TubeBuddy, so people can click and easily find all of your tweets in one spot.


Host Twitter chats.
Schedule a time, and use a custom hashtag to host a twitter chat on your account. Your followers can ask questions utilizing the custom hashtag, like #TubeBuddyChat, and easily follow along with an engaging Q&A session.

Show your followers some love.
The best thing to do to create brand loyalty is to engage authentically with your followers - like their posts, share their content, thank them for following you. Anything you can do to make them feel noticed and appreciated goes a long way in making them true fans that want to check out all of your new content.

Now you have some great ways to help promote your channel on Twitter.

Happy Creating!


To learn more about our new Share to Twitter feature, watch the video below.

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  • Thanks for the great tips for growing our YouTube channels! Do you host a #TubeBuddyChat?
    • Not yet, but it is in the works!
      • Can we promote it on different areas not Twitter or Facebook or reddit?
        • Yes use Pinterest. Make a board dedicated to your yt channel.
    • Really helpful for me thanks tube buddy
  • I see that there’s also an option to link & share to Facebook but I can’t get this to work. Nothing happens when I use the button to link my account with Facebook.
    I’m using a MacBook Pro.
    • Hmmm send our support team your channel info and they may be able to help sort things out. Their email is support@tubebuddy.com
  • I’ve never really liked Twitter very much almost deleted it three times. Maybe I’m not engaging it correctly.  Do thanks for the nudge.  
    • It can be really useful if done right - good luck!
  • A feature we could see usable for the "Share On Twitter" is to create some kind of templates.
  • I have always just viewed my video clicked on share and select Twitter to do this. How is this different or better?
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  • Thanks a lot for your kind help
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    Yes yes is great because I am guy because I'm not but I am
  • I Tweet three times a day and use Buffer to schedule them and analyse them too. It would be great if I could so the same on TubeBuddy.

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