YouTube News: Updates to Studio Beta and Mobile Apps

Tom posted a new Creator Insider video today talking about a couple updates to YouTube Studio Beta and the mobile apps.

Firstly, the Studio Beta has some improvements to the workflow for choosing and creating custom thumbnails, including changing the “Edit” option to “Change” to avoid confusion.

When deleting a video in the Studio Beta, users are now given an option to download the video they are deleting. Do keep in mind however, that it was announced earlier in the year that YouTube is no longer keeping the originally-uploaded source files for videos after a period of about 6 months after upload. This is disappointing for a wide gamut of reasons, but will mean that if you’re deleting a video older than 6 months, you’ll only be given the YouTube-encoded copy of the file - if quality is a concern to you.

In the “Video Details” page, the Video URL copy button has been fixed (apparently it wasn’t working for some) and the URL itself is now clickable to open in a new tab.

The “Snapshot” report, or the preview of analytics for your most recent upload on the Studio Beta Dashboard comparing it to recent videos and etc., now includes Premiered videos and Premiere-specific analytics.

Once again, Tom reminds everyone that Studio Classic is “going away soon” and that the option to use Classic as default will be removed soon. In this same section, Tom even admits that there are reasons and functionality for users to stick with the Classic version and only offers “be prepared” to those users - I’m not quite sure how the problem of forcing people to a not-feature-complete version doesn’t become obvious as you’re saying it out loud to a video.

As announced at VidCon, the “Merch Shelf” is getting the addition of five new Merch Aggregators (Crowdmade, DFTBA, Fanjoy, Represent, and Rooster Teeth) to sell your t-shirts and mugs below video pages.

Tom announced something that’s been around for a while - the change that images in Community Tab posts will now have a 1:1 aspect ratio cropped preview until the viewer clicks on it. Personally this has just seemed confusing, but Tom said that an option to customize what section of the image is used for the preview is coming - so that will be slightly helpful. 

YouTube is now better able to identify videos that put minors at risk and is automatically disabling comments for those videos. However, creators will have the option to manually re-enable comments on those videos if they think the decision was made by mistake.

Lastly, on iOS and Android, users are presented with a permanent reminder about the Community Guidelines in an attempt to reduce the number of rule-violating comments. At the very least this will remove any “excuse” a commenter might have for “not knowing the rules” when they get banned or otherwise punished for such commenting. I’m really excited about this change, even though it’s tiny.

That’s all for now!

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