YouTube News: Snapshot Report, Live Control Room, and More!

Tom gave us a new, super long, Creator Insider video yesterday with a few new updates!

The “Snapshot Report” - which shows Analytics information for your most recent upload within the context of your past few uploads - is now available on the mobile YT Studio app! This is a very handy overview to let creators keep an eye on a new video’s performance. The feature is rolling out to creators over time. As a bonus, this mobile roll-out includes the ability to view Snapshot Reports for other previous videos, not just the most recent upload - this is not even available on desktop yet.

This feature specifically normalizes that data based on how long the video has been live. So this means you’re not comparing the video’s view count or audience retention for the first hour to a full week’s worth of data for another video, it’s comparing to how your other recent videos performed within the same span of time since publishing. It’s a really neat tool. 

The way mid-roll ads display to viewers in the video player is changing. Instead of getting yellow markers to indicate where ads start, viewers now receive a countdown until the ad plays - this is similar to how the Facebook video player indicates mid-roll ads (which admittedly have prevented me from ever finishing a Facebook video). This only affects viewers on desktop, mobile and TV/console viewers will still see the yellow markers for now. Creators will still see those markers in the Studio. 

In the new (it’s finally getting updated!) Live Control Room for live streams, creators can now create Highlights of their streams while live! This is similar to Twitch Clips and is great to see. Along with that, Super Chat is now available for creators and viewers in 19 additional countries. That’s big!

The Studio Beta Dashboard now has a card that features your most recent posts to the Community tab, stats for those posts, and a shortcut to get there. (I’ve been asking for this for AGES!)

In the Analytics section, the Studio Beta is getting a new “Revenue Insights” section soon, showcasing how Creators performed last month, revenue-wise, compared to that same month the previous year. These “Insights” are featured in most Analytics sections to showcase trends and potentially give, well, insights as to why the numbers changed - for example in this section, maybe the creator enabled more ads this time, or posted fewer videos, etc.

Tom explained that this is yet another move in Analytics to focus not just on charts and tables of data, but have some explanations with normal conversational language, too.

Tom reminds us, yet again, that bookmarks to Studio Classic pages (even ones made to specifically use Classic) will soon be redirecting to the equivalent pages within the Studio Beta, and the ability to set Classic as the default experience is going away. The Studio Classic in its entirety will be going away sometime this year. (Though again, they’ve been saying that since last year.)

With this, Tom took some time to respond to comments about this same announcement in the previous video. Admittedly, I felt frustrated that it seemed any feedback about this choice was being ignored, so this was good to see. My comment was featured, too! (Whoops.)

Playlist support in Beta “will be improving in the near future.”

Addressing my comment about Studio Beta not being feature-complete, Tom… claims that this isn’t true or fair because there are more features that are only in Beta and not in Classic. Immediately after acknowledging that Playlist management in the Beta is non-existent/needs a lot of work, and even acknowledges that a couple of the features I brought up need work.

This felt like a slap in the face. He even continues to address other features that aren’t in Beta, which will be linked back to via “encapsulated versions” of the Classic dashboard. My point, every time I’ve commented on this, is it outright doesn’t make sense to make creators’ lives more difficult for this change if it’s not feature-complete. I guess nothing can be done at this point, but priority should have been to migrate the existing features over to Beta first (you know, last year, or when this project started) then put time into making Analytics prettier and etc. after the baseline was established. I am sympathetic to the idea that running both versions is expensive and complicated (that was my assumption why it was being pushed off so quickly already) and it makes more sense to just cut off the old one - but I cannot possibly fathom why they didn’t just do a direct translation of old to new first and then turn it off 6-9 months ago, and then focus on adding all of the new stuff. Wouldn’t that have made virtually everyone’s lives easier?

Tom addresses that editing videos in the Video Manager (Classic and Beta) takes a very long time to process and is something they want to improve.

Tom finished the video by giving some information about VidCon and stated that the keynote Creator Insider presented at the show is being edited and will be posted soon.

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