YouTube News: Consistent Sub Count, Merch Shelf Updates and More

We have a new Creator Insider video and Tom is… looking and sounding a bit different… Hey, wait a minute! That’s not Tom!

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Barbara starts off by saying that a “first big step” has been made towards keeping a creator’s subscriber count more consistent across the channel page, Analytics, the dashboard, etc. This used to be mostly in-sync, and then the Beta stopped that, so it’s nice to see it return I guess? Heh.

U.S.-based creators using the Merch Shelf below videos are now having their merchandise shown in more countries for potential customers. These countries include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, New Zealand, and Singapore. But again, this is for creators based in the United States.

YouTube is currently testing Likes on Stories so viewers can give more feedback on stories. How about letting us reply to comments on them or letting us re-frame images like Instagram does? In my opinion we don’t need Likes, but it’s nice to see them experimenting anyway. This is an experimental roll-out not available to all creators and will only be seen by the creator, not publicly. 

Barbara announces that Creator Insider will now be featuring a Q&A segment in the Newsflash episodes, following their comment responses last week. She suggests making your comments as broadly-applicable as possible so that they can answer things that benefit everyone.

Question #1: “Will they ever lower the sub amount for the ability to have paying members from 30k subs to something lower?” (This is referring to the threshold for Channel Memberships.)
Barbara’s Answer: Yes, the team wants to lower the threshold, but there’s no current timeline for when that will happen.

Question #2: “With the Community Tab, please give us notifications when someone comments, because it is tiring having to check every post to see if there is a new comment” (I agree!!)
Barbara’s Answer: The team is working on creating parity between video comments and Community Tab comments so that you can manage them in one place. 

Awesome, the Community Tab comment management has been something I’ve been requesting for months. Hopefully they also add the ability to filter by only comments on Community Tab versus videos, etc.

And that’s it for this CI video! Hope you’re having a great week, see you next time!

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