YouTube News: New Uploader, Real-Time Analytics, and More

Tom provided us with another NewsFlash from Creator Insider yesterday!

He starts by covering the new Uploader (beta) that I talked about in the last update.

“This page appears as a pop-up over top the Studio Beta and lets creators manage all of the usual information about a video while it uploads. 

Tags, interestingly enough, have been moved to the “Advanced settings” part of this interface, a bit hidden. This further backs up the growing rumors that YouTube is no longer utilizing tags for much of anything on the platform. They’ve gone from a very important SEO tool to basically being an afterthought that affects a tiny bit of the “algorithm” and mainly just helps test for misspellings in searches. 

On the last step of this process, creators are prompted with a brief checklist about following the guidelines for YouTube content - specifically whether or not minors appear in the video and reading the Community Guidelines. Creators can then preview the entire video, once processed, and copy out a link to share right here before finalizing the metadata. I would have liked to see some social “share” buttons here, for convenience.”

He adds that they’re interested in working on improvements to scheduling and automated detection of things that might hurt your video’s monetization.

Next, Tom covers that real-time analytics such as CTR (click-through-ratio) in Studio Beta are going to become available as early as 3 hours after uploads, which can help you more quickly make tweaks to a video’s title and thumbnail to improve performance.

The color palette for Analytics has been changed to help with legibility. Video cards, which showcase “Top Videos” in a given Analytics section now have thumbnails to accompany the title. 

The Traffic Sources chart has been updated with a pie graph of sorts helping to convey the percentages of where traffic comes from.

Right after I showcased where they hid how to set Classic Studio as your Default, they’re removing the ability to set it as default entirely. You can still access certain Classic features through the Beta Dashboard.

Some questions came in on the last video about Channel Memberships access and eligibility. While the threshold of 30,000 subscribers is a minimum requirement of having Channel Memberships enabled on your channel - it’s still being rolled out over time, so not everyone gets access right away, according to Tom. Those who had Channel Memberships over on YouTube Gaming had their Channel Memberships access carried over after YouTube Gaming shut down.

Tom answers a comment and says that you can click the 3 dots menu on a YouTube Stories suggestion to choose to stop seeing stories from that creator. Stories themselves are rolling out based on whitelisting, which happens every 6-8 weeks. Once you’re whitelisted, you’ll get a notification letting you know that you can post them now.

Tom acknowledges that there’s no easy way to edit Playlists in the Studio Beta and says that a link to access that on the main front-end of YouTube will be added “in the coming months.” (It’s worth noting that actually editing Playlists still takes you to the old YouTube front-end layout, too. Same with editing your channel page.)

Playlist page in the "new" front-end UI.

Old YouTube front-end UI that it takes you to when you hit "Edit Playlist." (This also frequently messes with my cookies so that video pages are displayed in this old layout, as well.)

Tom ends the video featuring some creators’ Merch Shelves as a new experimental segment.

That’s all from me, see you next time!

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