It's Not Too Late to Start Vlogging

The Vlogging world is full of competition, so is it even worth trying to start a vlog now? Well the future of Vlogging is bright, so it’s definitely not too late to start. Despite its competitive space, Vlogging is a growing market. Thanks to the continued growth of the internet, the ease of accessibility, and low barriers to entry, the future's looking good.

Internet usage is on the rise.
According to the International Telecommunications Union, internet usage is on a steady rise. As of April 2019, 56.1% of the world’s population has internet access, and 81% of the developed world’s population. This is a substantial increase from 41% in 2017, and only 21% in 2010. With so many more people getting internet access, the vlogging audience keeps growing and growing. 

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine.
In this era, you as a vlogger have the full potential to grab the search intent of a user through  YouTube - the 2nd largest search engine in the world. And more than ever, people are searching the internet when trying to collect information. It’s so simple and can be done in just a click. Before people buy a product or service, they often go to the internet and research it. As vloggers, we have the opportunity to grab the user based on what they may be searching for. For example, before I purchase something, I search on YouTube to watch a review of that product or service. This gives us, as vloggers, endless possibilities to create content people are searching for.

Starting a YouTube Channel is FREE
If you haven’t already set up a channel, there is nothing stopping you - YouTube is absolutely free and easy to use. It is the best video hosting platform and the perfect place to launch your vlog. You can also create a standard blog and easily embed your YouTube videos there. Follow my detailed guides on How to Start a Blog and  How to Create a YouTube Channel.

Google and YouTube want people to keep creating.
You may feel discouraged because there is already so much content on the internet. Fear not, YouTube likes to see new content. They recommend the latest, new creative video in search results as much as the older, more popular ones. There is always opportunity to break into the search results, even if you’re new. The key is to make sure your videos are optimized for things that people are searching for.

There are FREE tools to help get you noticed.
Getting traffic from YouTube is not easy now a days, so you need to be sure to optimize your videos in order to get seen. This will help you get views, and when you get views, that helps to get subscribers. I believe that TubeBuddy is the ultimate marketing tool for YouTube. They provide all the tools you need to help get your videos optimized and get seen in search results. If you need help getting started with TubeBuddy, check out my Ultimate TubeBuddy Step by Step Guide

As you can see, the future of Vlogging is going to be bright. Internet access is on the rise, and YouTube is where people are headed. Creating a YouTube page is free and easy, and there are great tools to help you get seen. It’s not too late - if you have the creativity, skills and passion, then it is high time to start and create your very own vlog. 

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  • Thank you for this information my question is how to promote my vlog.
  • Thank you for this information my question is how to promote my vlog.

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