Letters from Phil: The Importance of Disconnecting

If you happened to noticed there was no "Letter from Phil" last month, there was a reason for it. You won't see posts from me in the beginning of August as I spend that time of year taking an annual camping trip to disconnect and recharge.

Our family has been camping in the same location (Northern California mountains) for more than 60 years now across 3 generations. The nearest cell phone tower or WiFi signal is a 30 minute drive and even then, it's spotty and unreliable. Our days are spent rafting down rivers, playing games around camp and roasting marshmallows. Not a cell phone or laptop in sight. 

Many people talk about the importance of disconnecting from technology but I get a feeling that not enough people are actually acting on it. For me, it's a break from endless phone scrolling, endless emails and also a great break from my daily routine.

It doesn't necessarily mean that I'm not getting any work done or not thinking about how to make TubeBuddy a better product during that time.  In fact, some of our best ideas have come when on vacation. These trips give me time and clarity to take a deeper look at our business and think outside the box a little. My days at the office are so packed that I can’t easily take a step back and think about the future. Taking a vacation and unplugging from the world forces me into it. 

By the end of my camping trip, I'm usually ready to give up on technology, live off the land and pan for gold for a living. But that feeling doesn't last long. When I return home I'm quickly wrapped right back up in emails and my phone and I'm reminded of the amazing things that technology does offer. 

I suppose like most things in life, it comes down to maintaining balance. You need to work hard and put time into building your channels but don't forget to schedule in time to reflect and explore new ideas. And when you do, see if you can go somewhere that your cell phone and laptop aren’t tying you down. I think you’d be surprised at how much you’re able to grow as a creator in a short time when you’re able to take a step back and think with some clarity. 

Happy Creating,

Phil Starkovich
TubeBuddy CEO

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  • Well done Phil. I'm going to try to do this for 6 consecutive weeks next year! We'll see!
  • Hello good day.
    I am Brazilian and I do not speak English. I got to your site and blog through tubebuddy. I really liked this post, and would like to know if the place there is real photo, ie a photo made by you. If so, what a beautiful place. Such a place is really worth camping out. Ahh, and before I forget, I positioned two videos using this extension for chorme, just the free one, thank you very much. And I would like to be your friend, I wanted to know the United States. I have no way to buy a premium license yet, but with the money we are making from the two videos I posted, I believe I will soon be able to buy one and will help you, since your project is very good. Congratulations on your work and as the father of three beautiful girls, I tell you: Keep camping. Hugs!!

    And before I forget, I used google translate
  • Hope you had a great time camping and recharge -and get lots of new idea for tubebuddy .:-D

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