YouTube News: Commentor Profile Cards and Custom Subscribe Messages!

Hey all! There’s a couple updates in a Newsflash episode from Tom on Creator Insider today.

First, if creators who have a Community Guidelines Strike on their channel will be unable to add or remove playlists from a watch page, edit them, or add content to them for one week. Read more about the Community Guidelines Strike enforcement here.

Next, Susan’s “Four Rs of Responsibility” update from the start of this month has now been turned into a “Part 1” and there will be a whole blog series about this coming soon. I’d love to hear more about how they’re implementing this, so I’m looking forward to reading as this comes out.

The “Live Control Room” for live streaming is coming out of Beta for the Creator Studio Beta. Along with this, they will begin deprecating the Classic Studio version of this tool, to keep moving everything over to the new Creator Studio.

YouTube is currently running an experiment with “Profile Cards” when reading comments, showing some information about the commentor, their recent comments on your channel, etc. This is neat to see. I really think that a “show all comments by this user” (on your channel) button needs to be added to the Comments section of the Studio Beta.

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