YouTube News: Bulk Uploads and Channel "Mixes"

Tom gave us a super quick “Appetizer” newsflash episode today, so let’s keep my post equally quick.

The PC web interface video uploader for YouTube is having its cap increased to 15. So you can now simultaneously upload up to 15 videos at once to make bulk uploading easier for normal channels. Big media and news channels are still expected to use their API-based uploader as normal. (Not something us normal folk have access to.)

Also YouTube is now experimenting with a new form of “Mixes” (typically seen recommended based on a music video you may have watched) for videos from a channel the viewer is subscribed to. So if you watch a video from Tubebuddy’s YouTube channel and are subscribed to it (you better be) then in your sidebar suggestions or homepage, you may see a “Tubebuddy Mix” section. This is, of course, only testing with a small % of viewers, but may provide data about increasing viewer session duration across channels.

What’s unclear is how the channel-based “Mixes” will differ from the existing recommendation modules that YouTube already delivers, which also can choose specific channels to feature random (or algorithmically-curated) videos from, but hopefully the experiment gives YouTube some good data.

Have a great rest of your week!

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