YouTube News: A Chat About Studio Beta

In the latest Creator Insider video Tom sat down with Hemanshu, product manager on the Creator Studio team, to talk about feedback on the Studio Beta, upcoming features and improvements, etc.

Hemanshu starts by saying that he does his best to read every single comment, tweet, feedback report, etc. on the Studio Beta, and that heavily impacts their development strategy.

Next, Tom brings up the controversy surrounding the team planning on removing full access to the Studio Classic by the end of the year - to which, Hemanshu re-affirms that all currently-present functionality will be available in the Studio Beta in some form or another, including the encapsulated Classic instances, where needed. He states that in a lot of cases, the functionality is present but very hard to find and over the next few weeks the team is making discoverability of features a lot better. That gets me excited. Even some of my own frustration with the beta comes down to things being hard to find.

Next, the duo discussed new or upgraded features in Studio Beta. There’s a new “pre-publish check” tool that gives creators the opportunity to check for all potential issues with a video (Content ID, ad-friendly guidelines, etc.) before it goes live, coming soon. Then there’s the features we’ve discussed before - the new snapshot analytics, the analytics overhaul, the new uploader, etc. 

A big upgrade Hemanshu mentions is one I’ve complained about many times: Playlist sorting. In the Studio Beta, the current “add to playlist” menu does not populate all of my Playlists, doesn’t let me search for them, all of the handy functionality the Studio Classic had. He says this is being fixed soon. (I hope they fix the End Card editor, too!)

Thumbnail A/B testing should be launching soon, which will be fun. New channel manager roles are coming soon - these would allow you to have an editor (for example) who can manage and schedule videos without seeing revenue, or a read-only role for someone to just look at Analytics but not edit anything. This will be really handy for teams, and would allow smaller operations (with less trust or shorter-term employees) to operate more smoothly. 

Studio Beta is getting a new video sorting mode or column (it was unclear) which would allow creators to more easily see a list of videos that have issues - such as strikes, Content ID claims, limited ads, etc. I’ve been quite annoyed with how hard this is to find, so this is nice to see. 

Improvements and discoverability for the live stream tools are coming, new analytics for comments, and new comment moderation tools, too. Exciting!

Tom reminds everyone that the switch from Classic to Beta is necessary because maintaining the legacy platform is expensive and time-consuming, which slows down Beta development - which is why they’re trying to cut it off.

One last upcoming feature that’s talked about is a new “Channel Notifications” card in the Dashboard. This will be its own card that shows up as top-priority issues affecting the creator’s channel, such as Strikes, so creators can’t miss it. This should be available by the end of the year.

I’m looking forward to the new changes. Hopefully they continue to keep working on features that are in Beta, but better in Classic, too!

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