YouTube News: Expandable Description Box and Searchable Playlists

HAVE MY DREAMS COME TRUE?! Tom brings us a new Creator Insider Newsflash episode promising a resizable description box in the Studio Beta and searchable playlists. WHAT?!

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Tom kept this video short and to the point and so will I!

The team is taking a hiatus starting October 14 - due to various event traveling and such among team members - so we may not get many more Creator Insider videos until November.

In YouTube updates, Tom assures that we should start to see some much-requested updates and feature improvements based on Creator Insider comments and submitted feedback in the Studio Beta.

First up is allowing the Description box in Studio Beta to be resizable. This was possible in Studio Classic, but not Studio Beta and is now being fixed.

Next, when adding videos to playlists and managing them, the Playlists box will now be searchable. This was something I raised all kinds of trouble about on Twitter, comments, and feedback reports, as it was very detrimental to my workflow, so this is awesome to see.

Analytics is getting a CTR (Click-Through-Rate) section specifically to measure the CTR of Notifications. This is really neat. I’m looking forward to the data and seeing the ways (potentially bad ones) that creators try to optimize for higher CTR on Notifications.

Lastly, the mobile Creator Studio app has received the “Snapshot” feature! This shows you at-a-glance analytics about your most recent video on the dashboard, including comparisons to your most recent videos. This is a really neat feature of the Studio Beta and has been fun to monitor on mobile. This is currently on Android, but coming soon to iOS.

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