YouTube News: Permission Levels EXPLAINED

Hey all! Tom sat down with James on Creator Insider to talk about the new permissions update in the Studio Beta!

James explains that the team knows creators and teams of creators frequently grow to a point where they need additional people - team members, staff, interns, etc. - to help manage the YouTube channel, but don’t want to give them full and complete control over it. Tom explains that the Creator Insider channel had to deal with this themselves, giving someone access to look at Analytics - and that person accidentally published a video to the Creator Insider channel, thinking they were logged into a different account.

Tom describes the feeling as “vulnerable, as if you’re one step away from disaster” by having someone else have complete control over the channel you’ve created.

James’s team is working to resolve this with the new “Permission Levels” system. There will be five levels:

  1. Channel Owner
  2. Manager - Can do everything channel owner can do, except delete the channel
  3. Editor - Can’t invite people to manage channel, can’t sign contracts, can’t delete videos
  4. Viewer-Only - This is a read-only role, where the user can see everything about the channel (comments, analytics, videos, etc.) but can’t actually do anything or edit anything
  5. Viewer-Without-Revenue - This can see everything on the channel except revenue information

This feature is currently being tested with a small handful of “very trusted testers” and is hoped to be revealed soon. This is super exciting, and will be very important to staying secure while expanding your team. I know I’ve been completely against having anyone else help manage my channel due to the trust and security factor. I have comment moderators, but their ability to do much outside of live streams is limited.

They asked for suggestions for roles and I was surprised to see arguably the most common and important role for a social media management team left out: Comment Manager. This role should be able to have full access to manage comments - view, filter and approve spam, block bad actors, respond to comments, edit, pin comments, delete comments, etc. as well as the Community settings (blacklisted words). This is super important and needs to be implemented. As mentioned, you can currently have "moderators" but the access to features for them is super limited and getting them access to the back-end community tools would make way more sense.

Plus, I generally think it’d make sense to just have a permissions control panel where you can set up your own roles and etc.

Lastly, they mentioned a dilemma they’re facing: If they roll out the feature anytime soon, it will not work with the mobile app, meaning those with roles will have to manage from a computer. I’m 100% okay with this, as long as they add it later.

This is very exciting and I hope they can release it soon!

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