YouTube News: Blocked Words Fix, Comment Management Experiment

Hey all! Tom gave us a quick Newsflash episode this week.

Firstly, creators who had added blocked words in the Community Settings in the Studio Classic (to blacklist words to be automatically filtered to spam and hidden from view) had their entire block list show up as one word in Studio Beta. This has been fixed.

Secondly, Tom clarifies some notes about the Verification Badge mixup (a little late, perhaps) stating that no creators lost their badges on the day the Verification changes were announced - but that badges are not shown on all platforms, most notably mobile. No indication was given if this is planned to be addressed. You would think YouTube would want verification working on their biggest and fastest-growing platform.

We already covered everything you need to know about these changes here and here.

Next, YouTube is running an experiment to set the optional setting for “Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review” as default, citing a 75% drop in flagged comments on channels who enabled it. This means that there was a 75% drop in comments that users or creators manually flagged as spam or inappropriate after already published, since the tool caught them and held them for review. Tom states that they’ve expanded this to 13 languages and improved the accuracy.

I enable these and have a heavy, beefy block list - it’s actually pretty easy to maintain a clean comments section, and has been since the Google+ integration brought these moderation tools to YouTube. (Rip Google+.)

The setting is available to all channels, but setting it to default will roll out to all channels soon, notifying creators with a blue notice on the dashboard when the change has hit their channel.

Another comments experiment is taking place, as well. They’re experimenting with making comments more visible by having a link to view all comments “at the top of the page” with a couple of preview comments visible. Creators can remove specific comments from being shown as preview comments, or replace one with a pinned comment. 

It was unclear what “at the top of the page” actually meant. Above the video itself? Above the description? Is this on all platforms, or just mobile (where comments are hard to get to)? Hopefully more will be revealed soon.

Lastly, YouTube is finally adding a required (in my opinion) feature to the Stories section! They’re adding an “add to Watch Later” sticker. This will allow creators, once every seven days, to add a sticker on a YouTube Story which upon clicking will add a specific video to the viewer’s Watch Later playlist. Tom states they want Stories to be used to make real content, not just spam promote videos, but I think being able to link between Stories and videos is a must for the tool, so this is great to see.

And that’s it! See you next time.

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