Letters from Phil: It really is all about the journey.

Remember when your channel reached 100 subscribers? It was a big milestone. You felt amazing, like you had accomplished something great - which you did! That amazing feeling probably lasted for a few days. But then what? It wasn’t quite as exciting anymore. Your focus then moved on to ‘How do I reach 500 subscribers?’. Which eventually came and was celebrated and then forgotten. And I have news for you - this pattern doesn’t end. 

Reaching your channel milestones can be a thrilling moment. But really that’s all they are in the grand scheme of things - moments. They should be celebrated and used to measure your progress but don’t use them to define your success or see them as an end-goal. 

When it comes to building TubeBuddy, I’ve had a few goals along the way but my ultimate goal five years ago when we started was to have a profitable company that paid the bills for the four co-founders. That goal came and went long ago at which point I thought “what now?”. And to be honest, I haven’t set another goal for the company. There are general guidelines that we follow like making sure we keep building tools that provide real value and making sure we stay focused on supporting our employees, friends and the YouTube community. For me, I have discovered that it’s not about setting and reaching a goal because those are fleeting moments. Instead, I try to focus on doing what I love every day and staying true to the TubeBuddy brand. I know that over the course of time, that will lead me in the direction I want to go. 

It’s been said countless times before but I do believe that it’s especially important for creators who tend to focus perhaps a little too much on the numbers…

Celebrate the milestones, but be sure to enjoy the ride because when you look back, it’s the journey that you’ll remember.

Happy Creating,

Phil Starkovich
TubeBuddy CEO

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  • This is absolutely brilliant. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride. Do what you love and enjoy. It’s not always about aiming for perfection but encourage your efforts. Keep creating everyone 💫
  • Very inspirational! New YouTubies like myself appreciate these kind of reminders.
  • Nice message, and I couldn’t agree more with working hard to be able to do something you love for a living - it’s exactly what I’m trying to document with my channel!
  • I still can wait to reach 100 subs its gonna be awsome
  • This really is inspirational to new creators like myself.. I really cant wait to be smashing those milestones.
    Great work guys!!!
  • Can't just wait to make big on YouTube. To reach 1000 subscribers is my goal at the moment. Please help

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