YouTube News: Light Mode vs Dark Mode & Store Pages

We got a new Newsflash from Tom!

First, an exciting update is that channels who have the Merch Shelf enabled on their channel and at least one item listed will not get access to a whole Store tab on their channel page to show off their merch! I always thought it was silly not to have this, so I’m happy to see it added.

Next, the Video Editor in the new YouTube Studio is getting a “1% Light Mode”, as some creators complained about the jarring swap between Light Mode in Studio and Dark Mode in editor. I always thought this was jarring, but I would certainly like to see Dark Mode come to the rest of Studio.

The main YouTube mobile app is getting some improvements to the upload flow, including scheduling, making it easier to add videos to playlists, etc.

The team is also considering deprecating a feature on Android that I didn’t even know existed - you can apparently change channels mid-upload on Android. Tom states that not many people use it, so he’s hoping it makes more sense to move that channel change back to the main homepage.

Tom mentioned that someone expressed interest in making a “Year in Review” email for channels, as well as beefing up the existing “Month in Review” emails - but wants feedback as to whether it’s worth diverting resources from building Studio features and improvements to make these.

Personally, it’s neat, but Tubebuddy already let’s you get this kind of thing and I’d rather the focus be on building up Studio.

That’s it for today’s update, hope you have a great rest of your week!
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