YouTube News: Creator Monthly Roundup

The YouTube Creators channel posted another “Creator Monthly Roundup” video covering new features and updates to the Harassment Policy that were introduced recently. We’ve covered most of these updates already, but this can serve as a nice refresher as well as touch on some updates I missed during my hiatus.

A new card has been added to the Studio Dashboard showing any copyright issues on your channel. These include Content ID claims and Copyright Strikes and showcase information provided by the claimant. 

This will help creators more quickly and easily resolve problems with their individual videos. Creators can also trim out copyrighted content from their videos.

A sorting mode has been added to the “Channel Videos” section to quickly find videos with Copyright claims. You can learn more about these new tools here.

YouTube analytics in YouTube Studio (the dashboard formerly known as “Studio Beta”) now provides a new channel overview section showing how your channel is performing and how it compares to other channels. 

Another reminder is given that Studio Classic is really going away.

YouTube’s Harassment Policy has been updated to provide a stronger stance against threats and personal attacks. This includes explicit physical threats, doxxing, encouraging harassment, and implied threats. 

An example of the new “implied threats” category was stated as “simulating violence towards another individual.” (This would be something like editing their face onto a movie clip of someone getting harmed, etc.)

Malicious attacks based on protected, intrinsic attributes of a person such as their race, religion, or sexual orientation is not allowed on the platform with this new policy. This applies to all users - private individuals, YouTube creators, and public officials. We’ll see if they actually take political content down for this, but I can remain optimistic.

Channels that regularly come close to the line or cross the line with this new policy may be suspended from the partner program or have other features removed.

New “Topics” have been added to the iOS subscriptions feed, allowing users to utilize more ways to find new content. The default view will still be reverse chronological.


Lastly, a “Known YouTube Issues” card has been added to the Studio Dashboard so you can quickly see when there are issues with Studio, publishing, or YouTube on the whole.

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  • These new harassment laws are going to be a test for the big tubers like SNL and Jimmy Kimmel..  given that they are always and constantly harassing and bullying president Trump. He is a official public figure afterall.. what's the chances of YouTube slapping Thier wrists and telling them to cease and desist or else.. let's put it this way, I for one won't be holding my breath..
  • very helpfull videos i'm  here in philippines

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