Creator Spotlight: Erika Vieira

Meet Erika. She is dedicated to inspiring women to achieve their dreams as successful YouTube creators. Between her two kids, her Podcast, and her Bootcamp, she is certainly kept busy throughout the day!

We had a chance to sit down with Erika and learn a bit more about her.

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Inspiring Women Sharing YouTube Stories

Why did you start making videos?
I started my The YouTube Power Hour Podcast 4 years ago because I was fascinated by the world of YouTube and didn't see a lot of women creator’s stories shared and featured. Two hundred episodes and interviews later, my podcast developed into a community about inspiring women to pursue their YouTube dreams. 
I started my Zero to Influence YouTube Bootcamp 2 years ago because there was a demand! My audience was asking me if I worked with creators, coached creators, etc, and from there the Bootcamp was born. It's been nearly two years and 300 women have gone through my bootcamp - it's been amazing to see them start and grow their channels as a result!

What does a typical work day look like for you?
Since I have two young children, each day varies so much! I like to batch all of my podcast recordings and bootcamp coaching call recordings on the same day. The rest of the week is spent with 1:1 coaching calls from my YouTube clients and working on the back end of my business, like working with my team, emails, sales funnels, website, membership site and the Zero to Influence curriculum, etc. 
I also spend a LOT of time interacting with my podcast audience on Instagram, YouTube and my private Podcast community FB group. It's really important for me to have a relationship with both my bootcampers and my podcast audience. In fact, it's what I enjoy most about what I do! I love interacting with the amazing women who are inspired by my podcast. I'm a night owl, so most nights I'm up until 1 or so working. It's not the healthiest thing but I know it's temporary because that's when my kids are asleep!

How do you get past mental roadblocks?
I like to work on something else that excites me and then get back to it with a renewed perspective. I don't like to dwell on things that are not serving me in-the-moment. I also like to constantly be either reading or listening to podcasts that are motivational and uplifting.

How do you celebrate milestones/success?
I like to treat myself with something special whether it's a new handbag or a massage or an experience like a concert (saw JLo in Vegas after I hit a huge business milestone and it was even better because of what I was celebrating!). Those things make me feel great!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself continuing to do what I'm doing today, inspiring women. Will it be exactly what I'm doing now? I don't know, maybe! But for me, that's why I do what I want to do - changing lives and helping people see their full potential is what gets me excited in the morning and I don't see that changing or slowing down anytime soon!

Which YouTubers do you like to watch?
I watch so many!  I make it a point to spend an hour a day watching lots of different YouTube videos, I look at it as research! However, I also really love to watch  my friends, clients and students such as Shea Whitney, JenLuvs Reviews, Aileen Xu (Lavendaire), Busbee Style, Kimbyleigha and Emzotic. For me, being able to see the women I have helped and inspire realize their dreams of YouTube influence and impact is why I do what I do and gives me so much fulfillment!

If you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be?

To learn more about Erika, subscribe to her YouTube Channel, check out her bootcamp, or find The YouTube Power Hour Podcast through your favorite podcast player.

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