Meet the Team: Rob Balasabas

Meet Rob. As our new Brand Evangelist, Rob is here to spread the TubeBuddy love and connect with our users all over the world. He comes to us from Thinkific, an amazing online course platform, where we worked together on many projects, including our Virtual Summit. We are honored and excited to have Rob as the newest member of the TubeBuddy team.

We had the chance to talk with Rob and find out a little more about his life at TubeBuddy.

Describe your role at TubeBuddy in 5 words or less.
Bring YouTube Creators Together

What drew you to TubeBuddy?
I was always bumping into the TubeBuddy team at different conferences that I would attend, when I was working with Thinkific. Phil, Katie, Andrew, and the rest of the team were always super nice to me, spent time to share what they were working on, and were always genuinely interested in what I was up to.
It was also hard to ignore how much experts and influencers in the YouTube Community looooooved not only the platform, but them as people.
I thought to myself, if the opportunity ever came up for me to join this team, and what they were building, I would jump on it. Lo and behold, the opportunity did present itself, and here I am!

What does a typical work day look like for you?
I start with coffee. Always.
My days can vary quite a lot from day-to-day, but here are some things that you could see me doing on any given day.
* Replying to emails and DM's on social from different partners, coordinating collaborations, and content swaps.
* Scripting or filming a new video for our YouTube and social channels.
* Planning a meetup locally, or at one of the conferences we're attending.
* Jumping on as a guest on a podcast interview, or interviewing one of our partners on a livestream.
* Diving into our affiliate program.
* Looking at our marketing tools and systems.
* Then, probably drinking a bit more coffee :)

What projects are you currently working on?
Planning interviews with our partners and experts for LinkedIn and Facebook.
Taking a look at the TubeBuddy Affiliate Program.
Launching TubeBuddy's Weekly LIVE Office Hours / Kick-Off Call.

What is on your wish list for the next 5 years for TubeBuddy?
🚀 Hit 1 Million Subscribers.
⭐ Have a Network of TubeBuddy YouTube Meetups in 100 cities worldwide.
🏕️ TubeBuddy Team Retreat in Vancouver ;) *NOTE: I'm based in Vancouver, so I'd love to show the team my town!
🤩 TubeBuddy LIVE Conference

Before working at TubeBuddy, what was the most interesting/crazy/weird job you ever had?
My first job was at McDonald's when I was 16. I mastered that fry station! It was actually pretty fun. Looking back, I think it helped me respect systems and processes. As crazy as things were while working there, everything has a process, and a defined system, that makes it run like clockwork.

What is your favorite YouTube Channel and why?
Johnny Harris' channel - he has his personal channel, but he is also a content creator for Vox.
There's a couple reasons that I like Johnny's channel.
1. He's a great storyteller. Storytelling is a skill that I'm trying to improve.
2. His balance of creating content for his own channel, as well as Vox's channel, is something I'm learning a lot from.
3. He's also balancing a life as a husband & dad, as he creates all this content, which I'm also learning a lot from.

If you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be? And why.
Tough question, so I had to find some help...
According to the super-comprehensive evaluation, Buzzfeed said that I am most like a "Mute Swan".
It said that... "You’re an elegant and refined hopeless romantic whose first priority is family. You sometimes feel like the world has gone crazy, but you always return to the values you were raised with."
Thank you Buzzfeed :)

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  • Ed
    I always wondered what an Evangelist did. It sounds like a cool job.  So good to hear tube buddy hires quality people to bring value to their company. Congratulations Rob!  
  • It's a great experience. I am happy but I need some help about my channel.How to grow fastly.
  • Its a great experience..but how to grow my channel fast

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