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I just want to start out by saying that when I actually sit down and think about it, it’s actually really impressive how much work the team has been doing over the past year both on the new Studio, but also in keeping up communication with creators through channels like this. It was made loud and clear that YouTube needed to work on their communication and transparency, and I think they’ve been making strides to live up to it. There’s still some hiccups along the way - such as when they decided to un-verify everyone and change the system out of nowhere, and then run it back - but they are learning and it only makes things better for us creators.

The new YouTube Studio now has a new End Screen editor! At long last! This is supposed to be more streamlined and adds features such as copying from previous videos, etc.

Members-Only Livestreams have been introduced to the site. Previously, this could only be done with Unlisted streams, which weren’t really Members-only. This is cool, but has limitations such as moderators only being able to access the stream if they are Members and there being no Members-only notification system, so Members can only be notified via the Community Tab post.

The default setting for creating new Playlists is to have them set to Private. It’s always been Public before - but there was confusion among creators who didn’t know this was showing to the public.

The “recent subscribers” card in the dashboard will be getting its date range expanded in March!

Creators will soon need to re-verify their address and information to continue having monetization via AdSense (if this hasn’t been done yet) - a lot of channels apparently did not have this information verified and thus were running ads but unable to be paid.

There was a bug in Studio with the “4K” processing icon showing up when it was supposed to, so that has been removed for now.

The experiment for showing Click-Through Rate analytics for viewers who have enabled notifications has been successful thus far and is now rolling out to 30% of creators, and will continue to roll out from there.

A new experiment for 5% of creators will begin rolling out where the “Videos” section of the Studio will be renamed to “Content” to allow for more flexibility so that there can be tabs for videos, live, posts, etc. I’m excited for this - I think it’s silly that there are content types that you have to manage from the front-end of YouTube at all.

Lastly, there’s a couple shoutouts for other content from YouTube staff. First, YouTube released a vlog post talking about ways they’re trying to build a safer YouTube - you can read that here. Second, Barbara was interviewed by USA Today about how to grow a YouTube channel, which you can either read or listen to.

That’s it for today! Go make something great!

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