YouTube News: Comment Updates and Mobile App Revamp

Tom and the Creator Insider crew have been kicking butt delivering lots of updates and videos for us this month! Here’s a new episode of “Newsflash” (or now “This Week at YouTube”?) from Tom!

First, a new “Important Notifications” card is being rolled out on the Studio dashboard that shows when major changes occur on a creator’s channel - such as copyright strikes, video takedowns, etc. This will be rolled out slowly with feedback taken into consideration, but should help keep creators up to date on their channel status.

Next, “comment badges” are about 75% of the way rolled out to all creators. These are visible next to the channel name of someone’s comment in the “Comments” section of Studio, helping you see if the commenter is a subscriber and etc. This has been neat to see on my own channel!

You might also see in that screenshot is a new “Smart Replies” feature, akin to reply suggestions in GMail or text message apps, to make communication quicker and easier for creators. Funny enough, Tom mentions he’d like his own custom library of smart replies that he can choose from - Tubebuddy provides that! This feature is called “Canned Responses” and I use it regularly.

Also with comments, the Community Tab posts (now being referred to as just “Posts” by Tom in recent videos) are getting a comment management upgrade, at long last! Coming soon, creators will be able to manage comments on Posts from the Comments manager section of Studio. Viewers will be able to sort comments on Posts (newest first or top comments) and reply to comments. Creators will be able to pin comments on Posts, too! Whoo!

An experiment is also running to allow creators to schedule Community Posts in advance, which is pretty neat. Gotta juggle when you post them since you only can have notifications sent out for these posts once every 24 hours.

Following all the comments talk, Tom gave some tips for best practices regarding Mid-Roll Ads:

  • Place these ad spots in natural break points in content (not mid-sentence or mid-subject)
  • Use auto mid-roll ads if you don’t want to take the time to find natural break points

Previously, Tom had addressed there was an increase in the number of “Yellow Icons” or videos with restricted ads showing up recently - it’s suggested to upload a video as unlisted for two hours to allow the system to detect any issues prior to making the video public.

The Creator Studio mobile app is getting a visual style revamp to more closely match the new Studio experience on desktop, with new features rolling out soon. Click-through rate and impressions analytics have been added to mobile, as well. This is not realtime like on desktop, but is still available.

Mobile viewers are also getting a new 3-second “video previews” feature (which already exists on desktop) when scrolling through search.

Merch browsing is going to be made easier for viewers: If videos have links to merch in video descriptions, a new tool will be introduced where viewers can browse that merch, see the pricing, etc. without leaving the video. Yay watch time!

Lastly Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, posted a letter to creators to acknowledge YouTube’s 15 year anniversary and their vision for the future of the platform.

Have a great rest of your week! 

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