YouTube News: Goodbye Studio Classic

Hey all! Hope your March is going well. It’s time to talk about some YouTube news and the Studio Classic going away.

Tom starts out the latest Newsflash by reminding creators that the “escape hatch” to access the full view of Studio Classic will be removed by the end of the month. Creators will still be able to access specific parts of Classic that aren’t yet migrated over - such as bulk uploading with the old upload flow - but these will be on a per-feature basis.

“Anything in YouTube studio that links to a piece of Classic Studio that isn’t in the new YouTube Studio will remain until we have a native version.”

A preview of the new Audio Library tool was briefly shown off, as well.

Under Settings -> Channel, a new “Feature eligibility” tab is being added to YouTube Studio, to replace the old “Channel Status” page.

Now, creators can see a full list of subscribers to their channel - for channels that have subscriptions made public - under Analytics. You can sort these by different time periods or for the lifetime of your channel, and sort by subscriber count and date subscribed. This is a pretty cool addition to the new Studio.

Various tweaks to Studio were made during what Tom calls a “Fix it” phase. This is a time each month set aside to stop developing new features and just focus on what creators submit or complain about via feedback forms. One such fix is that when adding videos to playlists, the action is applied as soon as the checkboxes are checked, instead of requiring creators to hit “done” which led to a lot of accidental misses.

Tom says the bulk upload flow for new Studio is about 3 weeks away, depending on how testing goes.

The automated system that handles “demonetization” - or determining if videos are advertiser-friendly or not - has been updated to reduce the occurence of “yellow icons” which had seen a surge in recent months.

Tom says this new version of the system is far less likely to “change its opinion” after a decision has been made - which means less scenarios of surprise demonetized videos.

He reiterates that creators should be uploading videos as unlisted first, allowing a couple hours for the system to check it, before making videos public. This way you don’t end up in a situation where the video has a yellow icon a few hours after publishing. 

Changing the metadata or thumbnail of a video causes it to be rescanned by the system, so if you make major changes, you want to also allow time to ensure the status has not changed as a result.

YouTube Kids has launched in 11 more countries, and the team aims to get YouTube Kids to maintain parity with normal availability throughout the year.

The “adjust audio track” feature that allows creators to add a music track to their video has been removed from mobile apps, but is still available on desktop.

A bug has been identified in the comments system which caused many old comments to appear in “Held for Review” or spam, and they are working to fix it. My main channel had 63 comments held for review going back 2 months. I saw some channels with 2500 comments show up in that tab! Crazy!

That’s all for this week’s updates, have a great week and wash your hands!

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