Letters from Phil: Our New San Diego Digs

Sometimes, life imitates art. Just as we wrap up a year of moving all of our tools into the new Creator Studio from Classic Studio in YouTube, we are physically moving all of our San Diego employees into a new, 2,000 sq ft office. 

But we weren’t always this fancy. 

When TubeBuddy launched, the four TubeBuddy co-founders all worked from home. Eric and I were the only San Diego employees and would work from his house or meet up at coffee shops. We then ‘upgraded’ to a small shared co-working space where we had use of floating desks. This is where I actually remember some of the original ‘ah ha!’ moments of building TubeBuddy when I knew that we were building something special. 

Once the product picked up some steam, we managed to rent out our own room within another company’s floor in a large building which gave us our first dedicated spot just for us. We had access to their conference room and kitchen (included unlimited food and drinks!) which was great too. Even though it was our own room within their building, it still didn’t feel like our own. Like we were still living in someone else’s house.  

Which led us to finding an office near by - all our own and the setup we were looking for. It had a large room that was big enough for 2 desks and a ping pong table, a break room and small conference room with a door. Over the next year the TubeBuddy team started expanding. We hired Katie, our Director of Marketing and our first dedicated Customer Support employee - Hannah. We all fit fine and the space worked well. We were even able to keep the ping pong table out. 

Fast forward another year and we hired our first set of developers - Tammi and Ana. Say good-bye to the ping-pong table and all 6 of us were set up in a room that originally had 2. When we hired another developer, Jon, we were really pushing the limits of the space.  As our lease was expiring at the end of 2019, we decided to see if we could find a spot better suited for our needs. 

Office hunting was an adventure of its own which involved multiple locations that we thought we were moving into but hit snags along the way. However, it all turned out for the best because we ultimately ended up in a perfect spot for us. Our new location, which just wrapped up a full renovation, is close to coffee, food, access points and our houses. It has 5 offices, a conference room, storage space, a large open room and full kitchen. We have a ping pong table back out, our Mario Kart station up and running and plenty of quiet space to get work done. 

This new chapter is extremely exciting and comes along with the feeling “we made it”. In addition to typical work, we hope to use the space to host local events and if you’re ever in San Diego, swing by and say hello!

Happy Creating!
Phil Starkovich
TubeBuddy CEO

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  • Congratulations on your move! I wanted to congratulate you all, this is great news! I recently started using Tubebuddy  as suggested by other youtubbers. I'm a middle age female learning to become a youtuber, I've always been somewhat tech savvy. I thank you all for this great app, it has so many benefits for somebody like me. Thanks again, and good luck on your new place... 😊 Amy C.
  • I like TubeBuddy but it's been a while to make the keywords hope that this year I will get more viewers and explode with this TubeBuddy .. thanks TubeBuddy

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