YouTube News: Studio Mobile Improvements

YouTube Studio for Mobile is finally getting some much needed improvements!

In the most recent Creator Insider video, Tom brings on Lovro from the Studio Mobile team to talk about why Studio Mobile is cool and what changes are coming to it.

First, the “since published” or “snapshot” card showing how your most recent video is doing compared to other recent uploads has launched, helping you get a nice view of your most recent video’s views, audience retention and watch time, as well as a text summary of why it’s performing the way that it is.

A goal of the team is to get the mobile app on par with the desktop experience in terms of some of the key functionalities, such as editing metadata, checking on video performance, etc.

Lots of small updates to the overall user experience and reliability have been implemented over the past couple months, too. Lots of work is being done on the Analytics experience for mobile (which has finally returned) to make it easier to navigate and find important data.

Some of these changes have already rolled out, others may take 3-6 months to fully roll out. The team is always listening to the “Send Feedback” button!

The team is still evaluating what features to prioritize and whether it’s worth implementing an end card editor on mobile or not. Lovro also confirmed that the iOS and Android apps are kept in parity of one another for most features.

Dark Mode is coming, too!

While Tom notes that the desktop Studio team is still “considering” a dark mode, the mobile team have already made it. 1 in 10 creators on Android may already have access to it! 

Dark mode can be accessed from the account picker in the top-right, and then enabling it at the bottom of these settings.

You can see a preview of dark mode for mobile there. 

I’m excited to see how beefy the Studio mobile app gets and I hope they maintain solid iPad support! 

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  • Live stream support in mobile would be great.

    View current stream
    Charge title
    Charge thumbnail
    Stop the stream
    Charge the description
    Create a highlight and (rank the highlights in the dashboard)

    I can't do anything with my live streams on the mobile.

    I am always available to talk and help

    Thanks so much for all you do.
  • Studio Mobile Improvements for YouTube is really important. Thanks For Sharing with us.

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