How We Pulled Off a 24 Hour Live Stream in 2 weeks (and Raised $11,750!)

On Tuesday, March 24th, Rob, Phil, and Katie came up with the crazy idea to throw a 24-hour long Live Stream that would bring creators together during a crazy time to comfort each other and raise some money for COVID-19 relief. 

We set the date for Wednesday, April 8th - that left us 2 weeks to convince 30 experts to participate, figure out what tools we were going to use, get the word out, and hope that YouTube didn’t crash mid-way through the stream! There were a few hiccups along the way, but we managed to pull off an AMAZING event with over 5,500 creators,  some exciting surprises, and raised $11,750 for a very worthy cause.

Here’s how we did it. 


Since the success of our first Virtual Summit with Thinkific in November 2019, we have been thinking about hosting another one. As we started dreaming up what that summit would look like, COVID-19 started to spread rapidly, which led to the cancellation of all upcoming in-person events and the transformation of these planned conferences into virtual gatherings.

As we started to talk to our partners, they all expressed that they were ‘Virtual Summit-ed OUT!’ They were all being invited to more virtual summits then they could handle, and admitted to sending the same pre-recorded talks to different summits and the thought of participating in ANOTHER one just didn’t excite them.

These conversations with our partners led us to re-think our plans and start to brainstorm what the YouTube Creator Community really needed. One of the unique positions we are in during this pandemic is that we are all in the same boat. Whether you are a creator with 50 subscribers or 50 million subscribers, we are all at home trying to navigate what the future holds in this uncertain time. How is everyone handling the craziness? How can we virtually connect to combat the inherent loneliness of the situation? How can we give back to those who are risking it all to help get us through this?


We decided the event would have 3 main pillars.

1. We would deliver it LIVE.

  • To best connect our speakers and attendees, we wanted to make it live so there was an opportunity for better connections and engagement
  • It wouldn’t be the same recorded talks. Speakers would have the opportunity to just talk to the audience about what they were going through and answer questions
  • In order to reach all of our world-wide community, it would need to be 24 hours. We didn’t want anyone to miss out on the fun of it being live just because they lived in a different part of the world.

2. We wouldn't just talk about YouTube strategies

  • We wanted to create a space for creators to talk about what they were going through during this time. Things like Creator Burnout, loneliness, and other challenges they were facing.
  • We wanted to have a little fun! YouTube strategies are great, but sometimes we just want to hang out with our creator community and let loose a little bit.

3. We would try to raise money for COVID-19 relief.

  • There are so many people risking their safety to help us get through this pandemic. We wanted to find a way to try and give back and do some good as a TubeBuddy community.
  • Our goal would be to raise $10,000 - not going to lie, it seemed pretty lofty at the time.
  • We also wanted to give back to you, so partnered up with some other great companies to give away lots of gifts and prizes!


We immediately created a list of potential partners and speakers that we’d like to get involved with this summit. We weren’t sure if any speakers would be available in such short notice, but to our surprise, they all said YES! Not only did they say yes, but they also suggested some great ways they can help get more donations by offering some bonuses from their own programs, as well as their own time (in terms of giving away consultations) to get more donations. 

We created a private Facebook Chat with all of our speakers, to keep the conversation in one place, and to answer any logistical questions before and during the summit. This made our communications with them even more streamlined and helped us execute this summit as smoothly as we possibly could by having a clear communication channel with all the speakers.


Finding the right tools was key to pulling off a successful 24-hour continuous stream. YouTube Live has had some connectivity issues because of the switch from classic to the new studio, so we knew we needed to be prepared for anything. We used Streamyard to manage the stream logistics and Streamlabs to manage the charity donations and giveaways. We were sure to have a few different backup plans in place, but luckily, we managed to pull it off without any major issues or interruptions.


Our first step was creating a unique logo to be used for promotion, and then taking that logo and creating specific assets to be used for each of our distribution channels and each speaker. We had roughly a week before the live stream to promote across all of our social channels and our email list. We also created a message within our tools so anytime someone was using TubeBuddy, they would see an alert about the upcoming stream. 

In order to be able to communicate directly with anyone who was interested in attending the stream, we created a registration landing page that flagged people in our database to receive more information.

When the Livestream started, we did an announcement post followed by Twitter posts that went out 10 minutes prior to new guests starting their segment on the Livestream. All of these posts had a direct link to the Livestream. We also did a few Tweets about the charity and gave more info about how to get involved. 


The day was finally here. Andrew and Rob were all set up and ready to go. The clock struck 9 AM PST and we went live - with one little problem… we couldn’t hear Rob! Luckily, the team and community came together and we pulled through.

Just to be sure things went smoothly, Andrew volunteered to stay on for the full 24 hours! He got more delirious as the hours ticked by, but he made it to the end and saw some fun moments along the way. We set some incentives that would help encourage people to donate and help us reach our goal of $10,000. There were some dad jokes, pushups, a shot of hot sauce, and A LOT of dabs. 

Due to the IMMENSE generosity of the entire TubeBuddy community, we surpassed our goal of $10,000 only halfway through the stream!! Our speakers and panelists stepped up and helped encourage donations with different offerings as well as donating themselves - Derral Eves shocked everyone and donated over $3000 of his own!! There was so much excitement and generosity.

But I think the highlight of the entire stream was when David Foster shaved his head LIVE on screen for the cause - talk about a donation!!


We wrapped at 9 AM on April 9th with a total donation tally of $11,750 - amazing. We are still in awe of everyone who helped pull off our crazy idea and how we came together as a TubeBuddy community to help comfort each other and raise money for an amazing cause. We could not be prouder.



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The replay of the stream is STILL processing as of May 1 - we will be sure to add a link to it as soon as YouTube finishes processing the video.

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  • This Move Was An Amazing One. Hopefully This Could Be a Monthly  Or An Annual Thing. I Know Ppl Will Support It. YOU GUYS ARE ALL AMAZING!!! Keep On Being a Difference ❤
    • Thanks for the love! Not sure Andrew and Rob are signing up to do it every month haha but I would love to see it be an annual thing!
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    I hope this virus runs out soon
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    • Please visit our support page at for help.
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