How to Write the Best YouTube Descriptions for the Highest Rankings

YouTube has been one of the hottest platforms for video content for over a decade now. No other social media platforms come close when it comes to video content, and even now is a great time to start out. However, there’s a lot of competition, and trying to rank high is one of the keys to success.

While there are plenty of tricks and tips, including fancy thumbnails and eye-catching titles, one of the most overlooked aspects of video is the description. Master the art of writing great video descriptions, and you’ll find your videos are doing far greater than before. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to do just that.

Get the Word Count Right

While putting a few words is an easy habit to pick up, the truth is that the best video descriptions on the videos that perform the best have an average word count of 200 words or more.

“This is because you’ll have more information for Google to registered and index your video on, but there won’t be too much that Google doesn’t know what to index, nor is the description then overwhelming for your readers,” explains Barry Nickson, a tech writer at Boomessays and Paper Fellows.

Regarding the number of keywords, you should aim to include your keyword around two or three times throughout the description.

Place Keywords First

Look at any top videos on Google and search any phrase or search term, and you’ll notice a pattern. All the top-ranking videos have their main keywords at the beginning of the description. Search anything, look at the results page and read the grey description of each video. Rule of thumb, your best keywords, put them at the front.

Research Related Keywords

“In addition to your main keyword, try to find two or three other terms that are related to that main term to help you rank higher, all while covering the majority of terms that your potential audience could be searching for. For example, if your main keyword is ‘how to use Photoshop', you might want to use other keywords like 'Photoshop tips’ and ‘using Photoshop’ throughout your description,” explains Nelson Harper, a YouTube expert at Research Paper Writing and Assignment Help.

Accuracy is Key

A quick point you’re going to want to remember when writing your descriptions, you need to make sure they’re accurate. This refers to the spelling and punctuation. This is important because YouTube needs to index the words in which to rank, and if the words and terms are spelled wrong, it’s not going to rank properly.

If you have a lot of descriptions to work with and you want to make sure it’s done properly, you can use a service like Big Assessments, Ox Essays, Best Writing Services, and Elite Assignment Help. They also have editing services to help improve your overall content quality.

Ensure Description Content is Unique

Just like all aspects of plagiarism across the internet, especially with Google services, if your description content is fairly similar or identical to other video descriptions, this can harm your ranking and can put both you and the other video at the bottom of the results. This can be very common if you’re using a sentence or two as a description, and then it matches with someone who has done the same.

Always check before hitting the upload button, although you shouldn’t have an issue if you’re using the recommended 200+ word count.

Keep Your Description on Brand

Just so your description is more effective for your audience, try as much as you can to keep in conversational and on-brand. Every business and channel has a ‘voice’, the same voice you would use in your videos, so use this in the description.

If someone reads your description and it’s very professional and business-like, with formal language, but then the video is super causal and informal, this is going to be very confusing for your audience, and the chances are they’ll simply go elsewhere. People staying on your video will reduce your bounce rate and will then rank you higher in the search results.

The longer people stay on your video, the lower your bounce rate will be, or the longer your audience retention rate will be. The longer people stay, the more YouTube will bump you up because it classes your video as something people want to watch.

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