5 Collab Ideas While Staying Safe at Home

Now more than ever, it’s important to find new ways to create engaging content for your audience. As we all adjust to spending more time at home, coming up with ideas for new videos can also be more challenging.

That’s why Collabspace has put together a list of great collab ideas that can be done from anywhere, with anyone, even if you’re not in the same place! Even better, collabs are a great way to grow your audience too. In fact, YouTube’s own Creator Academy points out that collabs “can be a powerful way to reach new viewers” and to “forge connections to find a broader audience.” So check out the collab ideas below and reach out to other creators in your network to get started! 

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 #1  Guest Host Episodes on Each Other’s Channels
This is an easy way to collab that does not require a lot of coordination or proximity in terms of location. Each collab partner records their own video, then sends it to their collab partner to be posted on their channel, with a link back to their own channel! Episodes that follow a certain format (for example, “Q&A” or “Morning Routine”) lend themselves especially well to a guest host format.

 #2  Swap Care Packages
This is another great collab format which does not require collaboration partners to live in the same city. Collab partners send each other a surprise care package by mail, then each person unboxes the care package for the first time on camera.

#3  Challenge Video
It’s easy to come up with fun challenge videos that can be filmed separately and edited together. Here’s a list of 100 Challenge Video Ideas from Buzzfeed

#4  “How To” Videos
Think of a problem that needs a solution, or a task that needs to be completed. Collab partners can each come up with their own “How To” guide for each problem or task and send their clips to each other to be edited into a single video. It’s great to see two completely different ways to approach the same problem or task!

#5  Shout Outs
Although incredibly simple, shout-outs are still great ways to get yourself in front of new audiences and don’t require you to be in the same city! 

Do you have other good collab ideas? We’d love to hear them

And remember, we create more when we create together!

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  • Hello friends, due to coronavirus many people are spreading the disease to each other, then we should take precaution, wear masks and stay in your home please stay home please
  • More than ever, we are in need of collaboration - for good!
    Collaborating with other creators is so important, especially in our new world. If we come together as a creator community, we can make a difference. Let's do what we can to support each other and work to create a safe and collaborative space for everyone to get their voices heard.
  • #5  Shout Outs
    Although incredibly simple, shout-outs are still great ways to get yourself in front of new audiences and don’t require you to be in the same city!
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