YouTube News: More Money Making Opportunities

July brings us some great news focused on more money making opportunities as creators and some of the great ways to learn more about how YouTube is focusing on transparency. So let’s dive into it.

New Mid-Roll Ad News
Currently videos that are longer than 10-minutes are eligible for mid-roll ads during videos. But as of late July, videos that are longer than 8-minutes will now be eligible for mid-roll ads. When this change goes into effect, all videos on your channel that are longer than 8-minutes will automatically have mid-roll ads turned on for your videos.

If you do NOT want mid-roll ads on your video you will need to adjust your preferences in YouTube Studio by July 27th, 2020.

What is nice is that YouTube does a decent job of naturally placing mid-roll ads in your videos at natural breaks, but if you want ads to play at a specific time, you will need to adjust the mid-roll ad in the settings of you videos. 

Mid-roll ads are a great way to add additional revenue to your videos if you are fully monetized and it works better because then you don’t have to make super long videos for your channel to qualify for it. 

Learn more about YouTube Mid-Roll ads here.

Funnel Report Improvement
It has always irked creators having to wait so long for data on newly released videos. YouTube heard you and they have sped up when you will get Funnel Report data on new videos. Updates should be available after just one day and will resolve some inconsistencies with the reach tab in the reporting.


Merch Purchase Alerts During Live Streams
For creators that have over 10k subscribers on their channels they have the option to add merchandise to their channels. (Learn more about this here.) Now when someone purchases Merchandise from your channel during a live stream there will be an alert like we see when someone sends a Superchat during a live stream. You don’t have to do anything to unlock this feature, it is now available. 

This is going to be a great way for creators to make revenue during live streams, sell merch, and thank their audience for their support.


How YouTube Works
This is something everyone is always asking us here at TubeBuddy and it is even hard for our development team and partners to keep up. YouTube knows that there are a ton of questions creators have so they created a place on their website where you can go find the answers you are looking for to understand YouTube better. YouTube is committed to transparency and will continue to update the page as new information and changes happen.

Visit How YouTube Works here.

Audio Library Updates
There are thousands of Copyright free audio files available to Creators on YouTube. This feature is coming to Creator Studio (currently it redirects to a separate tab.) They are still developing this tool to make it better so they are asking for feedback.

Take the tour here. (Minute 7:00)

For all the latest news from YouTube make sure to keep an eye on TubeBloggy!

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