YouTube News: Subscriber Inconsistency, MidRoll Ads, COVID-19 Health Panel, and More

Here at TubeBuddy we need YouTube to remain awesome so we can help you be awesome on YouTube. But one of our favorite things about YouTube is how much they listen to their creators and make changes based on what you all are wanting. On this week's Creator Insider episode, they candidly addressed something we all deal with (even us at TubeBuddy) about balancing that “sweet spot” between views and creating content you passionately want to make. They are encouraging all creators to keep developing new tools and systems to provide better features.

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Now On The Studio Dashboard…

Recently Published Videos. This is something the community has been asking for and will make so much easier for creators to access videos to get the information on them. 


Subscriber Inconsistency Issue

This was a minor bug that was brought to YouTube’s attention from the Creator Insider comment feed. This has been resolved and they are continuing to monitor it. #onit


Manage Community Post In Creator Studio

This feature will fall under the Product Manager / Product List is going to allow you to do some basic analysis. For example you might want to know which one of my image posts is getting the most Likes? With the Products List tool you can filter the kind of Community posts you are creating to analyze the data. This will also allow for creators to apply to all comments within Creator Studio.

This is currently being tested but could be incredibly promising for creators! 


Midrolls Ad Eligibility

This will be rolling out for all monetized creators at the end of July. As a reminder, YouTube is lowering the length of the video that qualifies for midroll ads from ten minutes to eighth minutes. This is going to allow for creators to earn more revenue. But what is awesome is that YouTube will help you determine when those midroll ads will be with the automatic placement feature. This will be based on the context of the content, user mindset, and when viewers are likely to engage with the ad. You should consider using the automatic placement feature because it is designed to balance the viewer experience and creator revenue.

You will automatically be opted into this program unless you adjust your settings in Studio.


COVID-19 Health Panel + Assessment Launching for Depression

YouTube wants to make sure that everyone who may be struggling with mental health issues due to COVID-19 has access to reliable medical information. They are launching a Health Panel in partnership with Mayo Hospital within YouTube search. 


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