Breaking Creator's Block

Are you struggling to produce your next video? Do you wonder if your next video will be a stud or a dud? Then, chances are pretty likely, you’re suffering from a bit of
creator’s block.

However, you’ll discover breaking creative block is easier if you follow a few simple yet consistent steps.

Model the Successful

When you’re dry on ideas and not sure where to turn, research your options. I hate to say it, but you aren’t the only one creating your type of content. Chances are likely, someone else is doing the same thing you are, but their results are markedly better.

Compile a list of 12-24 video titles and jot down what the video covered. Take note of how you feel about the content, what you’d do differently and how you can uniquely express yourself.

Rather than sweat the intricacies of a search engine algorithm, I focus on delivering a value-packed message first. The key to breaking creator’s block is consistently exercising your creative muscles, not worrying about a complex mathematical equation developed by a team of search engine nerds.

Develop a Game Plan & Stay Consistent

It’s all well and good to have 12-24 killer video concepts. But, without a road map to get you from idea to execution, you’ll be forever staring at a blank canvas, hoping for the best. That’s why you need the most critical element to any successful creative project – a game plan.

Now, you have to nail down:

  • HOW will you do it? Dial in a rough idea of what you're doing. Don't get hung up on the minutiae and be okay with imperfection. No one ever had a perfect content release.
  • WHEN will you do the work? Designate a specific time, create a deadline and stick to it.
  • WHEN will you release the content? A release schedule should tie in closely with doing the work, so you stay on track for the next element.
  • CAN you stay consistent? Consistency is key to all walks of life. If you want to master any one skill, you need to consistently practice your craft.

What if you can't seem to get past the planning phase? Then, you need to make a shift in your mindset. And, all it takes is…

Identify & Remove the Inhibitor

As a kid, the deep end of the pool frightened me. It wasn't until one summer camp when peer pressure got the best of me, and I made the brave decision to step off the diving board into 10 feet of water. I took a deep breath while stepping off the board into the deep cold water. Without panicking, I pumped my arms and legs up and down until I resurfaced. The crowd cheered, and I'd conquered my fear of swimming in the deep end.

Now, let’s apply that same philosophy to your content creation.

  • Why do you stop yourself from doing the work?
  • What is truly holding you back?
  • Is it fear of judgment?
  • Or, are you afraid your work will be less than perfect?

Be okay with judgment, because chances are likely, you’re going to judge yourself far worse than your peers.

Not a single one of my friends laughed at me when I finally took the big dive into the deep end of the pool. In fact, it was quite the opposite. They cheered and praised me for doing it.

The same holds true for your content. Your peers will appreciate your efforts and even applaud you for doing the work.

Now, if you’re someone who’s trying to be perfect or etch out the ideal vision you had in your head – STOP! Understand within every imperfection, lies the perfection in merely doing the work.

Massive Freakin’ Action

I’m going to keep this short and sweet – take massive freakin’ action.

You’ve gotta start doing the work, staying consistent, and stretching beyond your comfort zone. Real success lies across the horizon for you, if only you’d be willing to consistently put in the work.

Just get it done. Once you have one done, do another. And, another. And, again.

Subjectively Analyze Results

If you’re not consistently creating content, then I can understand you’re probably afraid of checking the results. And, let’s face it, no one likes to see their idea slowly withering away on the vine despite all the love and attention you put into creating it.

However, you need to take a step back and view your “baby” as not yours. You need to analyze your results without personalizing the data. Whether your video or idea succeeds or fails does not reflect on who you are as a creator. It’s merely a real-world view of how it performed.

Figure out:

  • What were your expectations for this concept?
  • Were your expectations realistic based on your previous research?
  • How can you bridge the gap between your expectations and the actual results?
  • What can you adjust moving forward to get better results?

Double Down on Winning Concepts

The more times you’re at bat, the more chances you have to swing. And, in some instances, you may find your whiffing. If you stop to focus on why you’re missing the ball and how you can connect with it, then you’re bound to get better. In due time and with consistent practice, you’re going to find winning concepts and quite a few less than desirable results.

Embrace everything with an open heart and a willingness to learn as you go. When I find a winning idea or concept, I double down on it. This means if it works once, then it just might work again. And, doubling down on winning concepts isn’t focused on the creative element. It’s also about the research and execution.

  • If you find your best-performing videos are from iPhone footage with little to no editing, then do it again!
  • If you see your short video clips get far more views and watch time than your long-form content, then why make it hard on yourself? Just do the short clips!
  • If you find out you express yourself best on live video, then do live friggin’ video.

Find what works for you and double down on it.

The Winning Formula to Breaking Creator’s Block

SPOILER ALERT: There is no winning formula you’ll learn in a blog post.

In fact, you’re the only person who’ll truly know what’ll work for you.

I can say confidently that if you just start and don't stop, then you've significantly increased your chances of never facing creator's block again.

Best of luck and happy creative adventures ahead for you!

Dale L. Roberts
Indie Author & Video Content Creator

To learn more about Dale, visit his blog or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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