Letters From Phil: 'It's Time for a Refresh'

When TubeBuddy was first launched more than 4 years ago, we wanted to ensure that the product remained integrated into YouTube.com in a user-friendly and seamless way. In order to achieve this, we made sure to use the same colors, styles and themes as YouTube's website  - which looked great back in 2015...

Fast forward to today. YouTube has a brand new look on their public pages (home page, video watch pages, search results page, etc) as well as a new theme being rolled out with the new Creator Studio. Both look fantastic, but when you put TubeBuddy on top of it (with our 2015 styles), it might make you nauseous. Or maybe it's just me.

In any case, this leads to 2 of our biggest  company goals for 2019. First, we are updating the look and style of TubeBuddy to bring it into the present. Matching our tools with YouTube’s current styling will give you a much better user experience. Second, we are going to be more transparent about changes in the product. We want to be diligent in documenting updates and improvements to the tools to keep you all aware of what we’re working on and what has changed.

Here are some steps we are taking to accomplish these goals.

  • Dark Mode Support
    • TubeBuddy now automatically supports dark mode across all major features including Channelytics, Videolytics and Search Explorer.
  • Modal UI Refresh
    • We are currently working on updating all 55 modals in TubeBuddy giving them a new, consistent look and feel that works great with YouTube’s new theme.

  • More Developers
    • We recently hired two new developers to help us accomplish more, faster. Both are dedicated to UI updates to help speed up the process.
  • Beta Creator Studio
    • We are currently in the process of moving all TubeBuddy features over to Beta Creator Studio and have more than 90% of tools moved thus far.
  • Patch Notes
    • We have been admittedly bad at keeping you in-the-know for the entire existence of TubeBuddy. We rush to finish a new feature, or update an existing feature, and then move on to the next task without ever letting you know about the change. Now every time a new feature is launched, an existing feature is updated or a bug is fixed, we will let you know. See an up-to-date history of TubeBuddy changes here.

At TubeBuddy, our focus has always been the customer. We strive to provide not only exceptional value, but also an enjoyable experience. We’ve let that slide recently, which is why a core focus in 2019 is improving the overall look and feel of the product. Ideally, this will translate into happier, more productive customers.

Happy Creating,

Phil Starkovich
TubeBuddy CEO

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  • Just found this blog from the email blast you sent out today.  Love the tool and everything you've done for small creators.

    Thank you!

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