Letters from Phil: The Little Boy Blue Motel

Three years ago, the "TubeBuddy VidCon crew" consisted of 3 people - Andrew, Eric (co-founder) and myself. For the event, we stayed at a place called the Little Boy Blue Motel

Yes, Little Boy Blue Motel. We were still in the earlier stages of TubeBuddy, trying to save a few dollars. It was the cheapest place to stay that we could find in the area. When people would ask where we were staying, we wouldn't dare say the actual name, we'd just say "a hotel near VidCon." 

Fast forward to 2019. The "TubeBuddy VidCon crew" consists of 22 people: 10 employees and 12 YouTube experts / partners / friends spread across 4 large AirBnB houses. The TubeBuddy Compound as we call it. 

We’ve come a long way and I’m proud of what we’ve built. But I never forget where we came from. 

Remember - even if your YouTube channel is still in the "Little Boy Blue Motel" phase, the "TubeBuddy Compound" phase can be attained with hard work, focus, dedication and maybe a little help from TubeBuddy on your channel ;)

If you're headed to VidCon this year stop by our booth on the 3rd level Creator Floor and if not, join the insanely awesome lineup of experts online streaming on the TubeBuddy channel from the TubeBuddy Compound at 5 PM PST on Wednesday, July 10th. (You can set a reminder here :) )

Happy Creating,