YouTube News: Hold Comments, the Trending section, and YouTube NextUp

Tom from Creator Insider dropped a new update video last week with some interesting upcoming changes.

The option to “Hold Potentially Inappropriate Comments” is rolling out as default for creators. This has been around a long time (and everyone should use it) but wasn’t the default. It essentially applies YouTube’s own spam filter to comments (something you’d think would already be in place anyway) and lets you filter them from there.

I also urge creators to head to their “Community Settings” menu in the Dashboard (I honestly don’t know if or where it is in the Beta) and manually fill in your own blacklist, and check “Block Links.” 


Next, YouTube on Mobile is experimenting with showcasing the comments section before recommended videos and other info. Given that few mobile viewers read the description of videos, and pinning a comment with important info is a strategy to help combat silly comments, having those comments actually show up before a viewer leaves theirs can help a lot.

Improvements are also being made to the control a user has over recommendations on mobile, as well as giving more information about why a video was recommended to you. (Such as viewers of a channel you just watched also regularly viewing another channel.)


A new Help Center article has been released about how videos are chosen for the Trending section. While mostly this doesn’t have a ton of new information and is just super vague - and doesn’t outright say “hey this is just going to be music videos and movie trailers most of the time” - it does give some factors that help influence Trending features. These include total view count, view velocity (how quickly the video generates views - YouTube is calling this “temperature” here…), where the views are coming from (presumably to combat botting), and the age of the video. 

While that’s technically some clarification, it still comes down to the obvious: Widely-appealing videos that are new, gaining a ton of views quickly, aren’t breaking the rules (ideally, Japanese forests allowing) and are already being promoted on other sites. So music videos and movie trailers and occasional 1% YouTuber uploads.

The Studio Beta now contains information about Content ID claims and Copyright Notices on YouTube Stories (yes, that’s a thing) so you can manage them, as well as Channel Memberships being implemented. These will soon be removed from the Classic Dashboard.


Lastly, the next wave of YouTube NextUp is open for applications. This is basically a training camp to learn and improve your skills as a creator, meet other creators, and maybe go home with some gear. It’s a great way to really get caught up on how to be an awesome YouTuber. Apply here.

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