YouTube News: YouTube's Announcements at VidCon!

Hope everyone is having a great time at VidCon if you were there! Some YouTube announcements were made and listed in a new YouTube Official Blog post by Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer at YouTube.

“Super Stickers” are being introduced - these are basically big, animated emotes with “a variety of designs across different languages and categories” which can be purchased for a premium alongside a Super Chat donation and displays in chat to draw more attention to the moment.

“Levels” - or tiers - are being added to Channel Memberships with up to five different price points that subscribers can join at, with different levels of rewards. Patreon and Twitch subscriptions have these options, and while it sees little use on Twitch (or that’s the sentiment, at least) it’s good for creators to have options.

Crowdmade, DFTBA, Fanjoy, Represent, and Rooster Teeth are now partners that creators can use to display their merch with the “Merch Shelf” feature below videos. Previously, this was limited to Teespring, so this is great to see.

YouTube is also introducing “Learning Playlists” - a dedicated learning environment, resembling how you might watch a Lynda or Skillshare course - on the platform. This is a new playlist view time with organizational features to provide structure towards dedicated learning experiences. This will omit recommendations and focus on the topic at hand in the playlist. Khan Academy, TED-Ed, and Crash Course have been brought in to test this feature out.

(As a creator of primarily educational content, I can only hope to be included on some of these playlists about content creation or live streaming!)

“YouTube Giving” - a fundraising tool that allows creators to feature dedicated nonprofit sections below their videos and live streams for viewers to donate to - is being rolled out on the platform now, as well.

There’s nothing super major here, but these are some nice changes. “Learning Playlists” are a great idea - though I wish they didn’t come at the cost of the original “Shows” feature - and the rest is some nice “quality of life” changes.

Also unrelated to VidCon updates, a new update listed in the Creator Studio dashboard notes that the Community Tab has been updated so that image posts now display 1:1, instead of being cropped for a preview as they were before. You’re still limited on aspect ratios of images, which has caused me issues many times, but this helps with viewer confusion when looking at the posts. You can learn more about the Community Tab here.

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