YouTube News: Self Certification, Channel Memberships, and an Analytics Refresh

A new video was posted on Creator Insider today from Tom bringing a new set of updates regarding changes to YouTube.

The first announcement is that the “Self-Certification” program on YouTube - an experiment where creators are required to rate their own video among a few different categories of advertiser-friendliness in order to enable Monetization - is expanding to 10,000 more creators.

This program is actually similar to how Monetization worked back around 2011 and prior, where you had to manually justify why you had the rights to monetize the video.

Creators will be asked multiple questions about the video and how it falls within the Ad-Friendly Guidelines, and then a decision about Monetization status is made based on those questions. If Monetization is denied, creators have the option to appeal, and YouTube will use these opportunities to further educate creators on why their videos might not be eligible for Monetization.

Channel Memberships now have up to 5 different “levels” and reward tiers, with potential prices ranging from 99 cents to $49.99 per month, localized. Each tier can have up to five perks. This brings the Channel Memberships program closer to Patreon’s functionality, and will certainly make a lot of creators happy. (I really need to go in and enable the 99 cent tier ASAP!)

Tom also mentioned that they’re considering revamping the Analytics visuals again, and specifically looking at how the information from Traffic Sources is conveyed. They want to improve the way creators can see overall % of traffic comes from specific sources as you dig deeper through that section. Anything that makes Analytics easier to understand is a good thing to me!

Selected creators are now beta testing the new Learning Playlists feature (announced at VidCon and covered here), which are specialized Playlists for connected learning and education-based content to help viewers focus and learn more easily. Sadly I don’t appear to be in this test run, but I will keep pushing to get access!

Lastly, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium is now available in 13 more countries! (I can’t easily list them all and it didn’t even sound like Tom gave 13 full countries in his list, hehe.)

That wraps up this latest update! I’m personally super stoked for Learning Playlists and am looking forward to enabling different tiers of Channel Memberships this weekend!

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