YouTube News: Sneak Peek on New Comment Features

We got another video from Creator Insider this week, this time featuring Eze from the Comments team at YouTube giving us a sneak peek at some upcoming features for Comment management. 

Eze started the video by sharing his goal when joining the Comments team was to make comments more manageable. Once you have enough comments coming in (and enough videos put out there to be commented on), it becomes very difficult to manage comments on your channel.

Personally, I’ve submitted dozens of feature requests and feedback reports regarding the very outdated Community and Comments sections of the Creator Studio Dashboard over the past year alone, as well as via comments on the CI videos, so I’m quite excited to see that they’re finally working on this.

One new feature is filtering comments by Channel Members to help prioritize the biggest supporters of a channel for responses. 

Eze said they are considering situations where they can show the creator how long the commenter has been subscribed to them for loyalty value of some sort - but it will have to adhere to privacy settings regarding showing what channels a user is subscribed to.

The first features the Comments team wants to roll out are filters for commenters who are subscribed to you, comments from other creators with significant followings, and comments featuring questions. These filters can be combined, too - so a creator can sort by “commenters who are subscribed to me, with X number of subscribers, and who have a question.”

These features are currently in early testing, with Eze estimating that they might start rolling out to creators “early in the second half of this year” - though we’re already almost done with the first month of that.

It’s hard to remember everything I’ve requested, but personally I want to see filters to show comments that do not have replies from you, comments that you’ve replied to (threads) and still need following up, to sort by likes/replies on a specific video, the ability to exclude videos from view, to be able to click on a channel name and see all of their comment history on your channel, etc. I also really want features to be able to view comments you as a creator have left on other channels, sortable by replies to threads and top-level comments, with chronological ordering, and pages. There’s currently a hidden “history” page that shows some of your comments, but they’re reverse-chronological (newest first), only shows a few at a time, and has the “infinite scrolling” method of displaying more, so finding and deleting cringey old comments from 6 years ago would literally never work.

I look forward to seeing these features play out! Be sure to let the team know if there are Comments features you want to see!

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