YouTube News: SNEAK PEEK at Experimental Monetization Feature

This weekend we got a new sneak peek at an experimental YouTube feature with a new host: Riley the dog!


Barbara and Jocelyn, Product Manager of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), talk about an experimental feature that the YPP team is working on regarding monetization suspensions. 

Jocelyn starts by addressing that sometimes creators feel frustrated when their YPP status is suspended for reasons such as “reused content” either without knowing why they were suspended, or feeling that the decision was made in error - but creators don’t have an easy way to communicate this. Typically the decision and notifications are made via one-way communication and there’s no “human element” to the issue.

To try to address this, the team is rolling out an experimental feature (not everyone will have access to it) that allows creators to create and upload a video explaining why they believe the decision was made in error, what their situation is, and why they should be allowed back into YPP. This will be reviewed directly by the YPP staff to better inform their decision and consider the factors more closely.

An example was given with the “reused content” rule, that the creator should show and explain how they added to and transformed the original work with their own commentary or other content added in.

This feature is not in the Studio Beta (hah) but will be on the monetization page in the Classic Studio, which creators are sent to from their email notification saying they’ve been suspended.

This is a good thing - more communication with actual humans at YouTube benefits everyone, and they’re clearly trying to help creators out and make them feel like a robot isn’t deciding their fate with no chance of proving their case.

I hope to see this feature come to full release (and the Studio Beta).

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  • I still think that they have been wrong with taking away monetization from those of us who have been here for ten years, even though we don't have 4000 watch hours. Afterall I have 225'000 views of my instructional videos
  • My youtube channel has reached its 4,000 hours of shows and 1000 subscribe, but youtube has not given a definitive answer to my youtube channel

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