YouTube News: Comment Filters in Studio Beta

Hey guys, this week we got a new Creator Insider Newsflash video from Tom AND Barbara! There’s a lot of news happening.

First up, Tom announces that the previously-teased search filters for comments are coming to the Studio Beta for everyone within a few days.

These filters seem fairly well-laid out, such as searching by comments without a response, subscriber status, channel member status, comments with questions, and sorting by subscriber counts.

There’s a few more filters I’d like to see, but I’m super excited for this update - I’ve been submitting feedback requests for comment filters for a very long time. Great news!

Tom reiterates multiple times that no new features or feature updates are coming to Studio Classic. We get it.

That being said, he does clarify that while the full “stay in Creator Studio Classic” experience is going away this year, the encapsulated parts of Classic containing functionality not yet added to Studio Beta are not going away, and that they will not cut off features that don’t yet exist in the beta. However, there are multiple instances (perhaps I should do an entire post just on that) of the Studio Beta versions of features being worse, harder to use, or honestly useless in comparison to their Classic counter-parts, that I’d still be concerned about what might actually go away.

Next, Tom announces that YouTube now has an integration with FxFactory, allowing creators to quickly add a credits roll to videos featuring the channel members’ names, for channels with access to Channel Memberships. This can be found at and is available as a standalone app or an Adobe Creative Cloud extension. This does, of course, seem to only work with YouTube Channel Memberships, so those of us hoping to also pull names from Patreon, Ko-Fi, etc. are out of luck for now. It’s still neat! As someone who did this by hand for a long time, this will definitely save creators some time.

YouTube is experimenting with letting creators highlight video comments as a sticker in Stories. This has previously been implemented as a way to respond to comments on Stories directly, but now expanding (as a small group experiment) to normal video comments, as well.

I really, really like this feature, but I do have something I’d like to see improved: Currently for replying to these comments, you have to find them in the normal YouTube viewing app. So for Story comments, you have to manually flip through each Story, look at the comments, see if there’s any to reply to, etc. and it’s very likely this experiment for video comments is also only in that app.

However, that’s super tedious and time-wastey as a creator when we’re usually managing comments over in the Studio app, where this doesn’t exist. I know they’re likely waiting for a 2020 or 2021 full revamp of the mobile app to match the Studio Beta, but I’d like to see them integrate the features where creators are already managing comments at. Still really cool! I love seeing them integrate Stories more and more.

Lastly from Tom, YouTube is also experimenting with a new “Music in this Video” feature. For years, YouTube has had a description section where music detected by Content ID would be highlighted with the song name, artist, record label, etc. and a link that goes to… somewhere… (I don’t know that I’ve ever clicked on it). But they’re now experimenting with a change to that which makes it more visible and has a button to add the music video for the song to a viewer’s “Watch Later” playlist. This is pretty cool, I see myself using it.

Lastly, Barbara jumps in to clarify some of the confusion surrounding the planned changes to YouTube’s verification program, but we already covered all of that here and here.

That’s it so far for this week! Have a great rest of your week!

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