YouTube News: A Change to the Home Page

If you’ve actually clicked on the YouTube homepage over the past few weeks, you may have noticed the homepage looks… different. 

Despite the seemingly universal cry on social media from creators to make the Subscriptions feed be the default view on YouTube versus the Homepage, it appears a LOT of users actually use it - as the backlash against this new redesign has been pretty substantial.

While I was away, Barbara and Essam detailed 4 new updates to the YouTube Homepage.

First, they redesigned the homepage, getting rid of the rows of categories of recommendations in favor of big thumbnails, longer titles, higher resolution video previews when hovering over thumbnails, and channel icons.

For category rows that are still shown, the “Subscribe” button for those categories has also been removed.

I, personally, appreciate this change, as a bigger and clearer display of my videos for a higher click-through-rate will only mean more views, but I understand why it’s a little off-putting for some. My wife noticed the change and described as it being “aggressive” and too in your face.

They’ve also added an “Add to Queue” button below the “Add to Watch Later” button on thumbnails from the homepage. This is useful for getting caught up on videos in one viewing session, it makes a temporary queue for you to watch through - which only persists for the current viewing session. To keep videos around longer, simply add them to the Watch Later playlist instead. Maybe this will help people like me who queue up a ton of tabs to catch up on videos! 

The next update is a confusing one. Recommendations have been given a “Don’t recommend this channel” option.

I guess this is to make the button more obvious - but previously this same option was present once you clicked “Not interested” seen above it. After saying not interested, click “Tell Us Why” and “I’m not interested in videos from __” was one of the options. That being said, you could still get some recommendations from that channel anyway - so perhaps this version actually “works” now? We’ll see.

Lastly, the Subscribe button on mobile is being changed to match the desktop subscribe button.

I’m getting caught up on all the news from while I was away - let me know if you have any questions!

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  • I think it will work in future effectively and efficiently.

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