YouTube News: Yellow Icon Updates, Channel Memberships Roll-Out

We got another Newsflash episode from Tom on Creator Insider detailing some updates coming to Studio Beta soon!

First, the “Known Issues” card in the Studio Dashboard is getting some improvements. That card was only run by a single team in California - and it’s now being managed by more teams for more coverage and faster response times for those in other regions. It will also link to the help forum.

A new “Assisted Trim” feature has been introduced to help creators more easily trim out the specific area of their videos that have content ID claims.

Channel Memberships are now available to viewers in Croatia, Astonia, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Singapore, and Turkey!

Recent appeals to automatically-demonetized videos with Yellow Icons have been integrated into the automatic detection system, meaning that it’s now more accurate and the updated accuracy has been retroactively applied to older auto-detected videos.

An experiment with larger thumbnails for Stories is running. Creators still cannot choose custom thumbnails for Stories (that would be silly) but they’re simply making them bigger. 

A “mixed shelf” below videos on the Watch Page is being experimented with for creators that have both ticketing and merchandise - such as music band channels.

Lastly, the YouTube Community Guidelines enforcement transparency report has been updated to reflect enforcement through June 2019. You can read it here.


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