YouTube News: Super Stickers... aren't they Made For Kids?

Barbara released a new Creator Insider video giving us a look at a new feature coming to YouTube Live that can help creators monetize their streams better. 

Barbara and a guest announced the release of “Super Stickers” - a new way for creators to monetize live streams and Premieres, if the creators have access to Super Chats already. 

These are big, sometimes animated, stickers that can show up in a live stream (ore Premiere) chat, similar to a Super Chat. This feature is launching with 8 packs, 5 of which are animated, such as the “Pear Pack” shown on-screen.


All of the “packs” are characters with their own backstories and unique personalities, in hope of having options that will resonate with creators and viewers.

The packs have been translated to a few languages, with more coming soon.

The team is currently testing a customizable Super Sticker pack, to see if it’s worth allowing creators to make their own, but this is not rolled out to everyone. 

Creators can enable these along with Super Chat under the “Supers” tab of the Monetization section of YouTube Studio.

Barbara also brought on Robbie to give 3 tips on making more money with Super Chats:

  • Shout out viewers who give Super Chats and Super Stickers during a stream. Mention them by name.
  • Let viewers know how you’ll be using the earnings you receive from those Supers.
  • Celebrate major milestones or moments with YouTube Live Streams.

Lastly, a note was given that if creators use live stream alerts for Super Chats, the Super Sticker alert will come through the same pipeline.

This video is currently not being well-received, however.

Many comments are sending backlash regarding the recent COPPA changes to YouTube, and making jokes. Aren’t these “Super Stickers”... well… Made For Kids? Thus can’t be monetized? Just food for thought.

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