YouTube News: Tom Makes a Promise About Studio Beta

Hey all! Tom posted a new Creator Insider Newsflash episode from the YouTube Space in  Tokyo Japan!

First update! Bulk monetization settings in the YouTube Studio has been added as of November 26. This means you can select multiple videos at once (or all of them) and turn on or off monetization with a quick button. This has been requested a lot, glad to finally see it added.

Creators can also choose ad formats and ad policies for these videos in bulk, as well.

Next, Tom makes a big promise about the state of YouTube Studio by the end of the year. By the end of 2019, Tom promises we will be able to: Drag and expand the description text box in video information pages, the left-hand navigation column will be improved and make it easier to find features, and there will be a new upload call to action to make it easier to find the Live Control Room.

The team has also just launched a “What’s new in Studio” card in the dashboard to make it easier to find new updates to the platform.

You can also view an entire list of all the latest updates to the platform here.

Tom teases many “exciting updates coming soon” but can’t tell us more just yet.

1% of creators have been notified of the change to YouTube Studio and their “escape hatch” to make it to the full Creator Studio Classic experience has been removed. We’re reminded that Classic will be going away entirely “sometime in January.” Though, to be fair, they said the same thing about this January, so we’ll see, but it does look like we’re at the end of the road for Classic.

Next, the team is running an experiment wherein Channel Members of a channel (and this will only be a small test group) will be highlighted on the channel page or watch page directly. This is to see if viewers react well to it and if it drives more Channel Membership subscriptions. 

Lastly, Tom addresses the “Made for Kids” COPPA update, however he simply reiterates the same statements made in the official video as we covered earlier in the month.

Hope everyone has a great start to the holiday season!

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