YouTube News: LiveStream Updates, Smart Replies, and more

There has been a lot of new out of YouTube the past couple weeks to get YouTube creators excited.

Tom and friends from the Creator Insider brought us this news!

Live streamers can now create video highlights IMMEDIATELY after editing their live streams with YouTube Studio editor. This will allow for your to crop, edit and create new videos while still having a full live stream catalogue. This will really help live streamers who create long streams to create highlight videos and extra video content for their channel.

Conner from the YouTube Policy Team hopped on and talked about the unlisted video review program. Profanity is allowed on YouTube and does NOT affect monetization (the only profanity that is not allowed are slurs) however the placement of profanity matters. Title, thumbnail and beginning of your video, about 30-seconds, should be profanity free to not affect your monetization opportunities.

YouTube has launched smart replies for Spanish speaking channels and are based on most common replies. This feature has been available for English speaking channels for some time and has been incredibly popular, so YouTube will continue to roll out this feature for other language channels in the future.

There is now a new “Checking” monetization icon in YouTube Studio to allow for creators to know when their video has been approved for monetization from the self-certification program. The self-certification program is where you tell YouTube what kind of content you have created so they can serve the correct ads to your audience based on profanity, nudity, violence, etc. If you have a high accuracy classification from YouTube this is something that you won’t have to worry about or really ever see. The more accurate you are the faster the classier system will be for your getting ads up for your videos.

Creator Academy launched 7 new monetization courses in 28 languages to address creator concerns about the YouTube partner program and address other concerns to make sure you have the best possible chance to make as much revenue as possible. Find those courses here:

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