Letters from Phil: #WeAreAllInThisTogether

It’s hard to know where to begin when talking about how the year has gone so far. At this point, it’s equally hard to imagine where everything will be when 2020 ends. 

We are in a bit of a strange position here at TubeBuddy. With people forced to stay home, more people are watching YouTube, and therefore, more people are putting time into their YouTube channels. And with so many people laid off, there are more people giving the ‘YouTube dream’ a try. But amidst all of the economic devastation surrounding COVID-19, we have actually seen an increase in users and sales. It has gotten to the point where we feel guilty about it when we look out our windows and see so many businesses and brick and mortar shops closed down.

Then we remember that we are building something to help creators, no matter how small, on their journey to be self-sufficient as full-time YouTubers. And we are helping the creators that need to get their message out and be heard. It wasn’t by design or plan, but TubeBuddy landed in a position to be integrated into “the new normal” of life at home as more individuals chase their dream of working for themselves. Our continued focus is try to help make those dreams a reality for as many of you as possible. 

Another reality that we unfortunately face at this time is that racism still clearly exists in America. It is apparent that nothing is going to improve unless it’s brought to the forefront of conversations and changes are made. Although we don’t consider TubeBuddy to be a company that leads in activism, we are doing our best to support those who are and do what we can to help amplify their voices and stand by their side. We have donated to the Black Lives Matter movement, stood in solidarity on #BlackoutTuesday, and are continuing to celebrate our favorite black creators. Through it all, we try to stay positive and focus on the good that we hope comes from recent events.

The greater TubeBuddy family is as diverse as they come and we want each and every member to know that #WeAreAllInThisTogether and we will all get through this together. 

Stay safe,
Phil Starkovich
TubeBuddy CEO

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  • I would like to say thank you and yes it’s so sad that after all of this time and with all that has occurred with just the pandemic alone, we’re dealing with an issue that’s been around for years and years called racism, I don’t understand it and it breaks my heart because I am a single mother of six children I have five sons and one daughter and I teach my children to love everyone, EVERYONE, no matter their race, and I pray for a change and I thank you and may Jesus continue to bless you and keep you covered in his loving arms in Jesus mighty name I pray Amen
  • I will follow and learn more!... rules!...
    How to make a good youtuberbuddy!
  • I will follow and learn more!... rules!...
    How to make a good youtuberbuddy!

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