YouTube News: Channel Customization, Creator Mixes, and More

The latest updates coming out of YouTube are very Creator focused. YouTube is really focusing on some features that are going to help you get more views, do everything in one place on YouTube, and also help you create better content and do better business with this weeks update.

Channel Customization In YouTube Studio

Better Channel Customization is coming to Studio in their effort to make YouTube Studio that one stop shop for all things YouTube. All banner, website, profile picture updates, and so forth will soon be done in Studio. With this, YouTube is taking a mobile first approach to give users the best experience possible, since most of them are using YouTube on their mobile devices. This will include an upgrade to the Featured Video section for your channel. 

So it looks like lots of creators are going to need to remember to think mobile first when creating their content and thumbnails since YouTube is favoring that medium. Also, loving everything in one place. Hoping all over the place for profile change, banner changes, about changes, channel keywords and so on definitely gets annoying. So this is nice to see in development.

Creator Mixes 

Mixes are Algorithmically generated playlist and now YouTube is introducing Creator Playlists  which are algorithmically generated playlist of ONE channels videos. Currently you can see Creator Mixes in the “Up Next” section of a creator's videos.

This is a great feature for new viewers to your channel. If they have found your video from a suggested video or their home page, this gives them the opportunity to get more from you. Many creators are loving it because it helps them get more views and allows viewers to binge their content. This is a WAY better option than having your “competitors” get your views and instead get them trapped in your content of awesomeness.

More from YouTube Creator Academy

June 1st, YouTube launched a new section to YouTube Creator Academy in English and 27 other languages that houses bundled resources for creators. These bulges are around what is trendy and relevant right now. So at this time, they are focusing on going live, monetization, and content pivoting. Bonus, Adobe, Headspace,, and more are offering bonuses to help creators as well.

This is smart move as so much has changed in the world from COVID-19 and the black lives matter movement that is causing creators to rethink their content, earning potential, and monetization options.

COIVD-19 panel

Speaking of COVID-19, the COVID-19 Health Panel is now available in more languages. These videos are great for getting more facts and information about what is happening with COVID-19 in your country or desired language.

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  • This is dope now us mobile Creator's don't need to go to the studio website this is the best thanks guys

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