YouTube News: Analytics Experiment, Made for Kids Filter, Copyright Strike Pop-Up and More

Holy YouTube updates, Batman! There are a lot of features and news out of YouTube for us to share with you buddies, so let's dive on in.

YouTube Analytics (YTA) Experiment

This is going to be a new, better, smarter analytics video overview with smarter explanations about how your video is doing. It is going to break down for you in more detail in Creator Studio Analytics how your video is doing on the YouTube Homepage and Watch Next Suggestions. Now this is the big part, it will be calling out TWO KEY METRICS - the click-through rate and the average view duration, which are vital metrics for YouTube, so it can tell them what your audience’s interest and engagement with what your video is talking about. 

As we have more information about this we will be sharing that right here on TubeBloggy.

Made For Kids Filter Feature

YouTube now has a “Made For Kids Video Filter” in the Videos section of Creator Studio. Creators will now be able to filter their videos based on one of four options:

  1. Made for kids (set by you) 
  2. Set to made for kids (by YouTube) 
  3. Not made for kids 
  4. No selection

This will help you better organize and view your content based on the demographic of kids or no kids.



Copyright Strike Pop-Up

This was a feature from Studio Classic that has been rolled into the New Studio. This pop-up will appear as a pop-up when you login to Studio with general information about Copyright strikes and links for more information about who issues the strike, videos being taken down, etc. This will make it easier for you to review potential problems for your channel and how to deal with them.

YouTube BrandConnect aka Famebit

For those of you that don’t know, Famebit, now YouTube BrandConnect, is YouTube’s branded content platform. Famebit is expanding their offerings to offer more to Creators and Viewers. YouTube BrandConnect is improving many features including:

  • Audience based matchmaking
  • True organic measurement tools
  • Product innovations like Shopping Shelf and AR Try-on

This helps your Viewers shop from your channel and gives Creators more fan engagement and earning potential. Creators can now access YouTube BrandedConnect in Studio to sign-up so YouTube can start promoting and pitching you to brands for paid campaigns. (Money making opportunity!!)

You can dive deep into more information on the YouTube blog here:

Take the YouTube Brand Connect course to learn and understand more:

Have you heard of YouTube Contributors?

How would you like to be featured on the Team YouTube channel? Can you help share your knowledge and help others in the YouTube forum? Becoming a YouTube Contributor might be a good idea for you!

As an added bonus, YouTube community managers setup YouTube Contributors to be trust testers of new features, meetups with project managers, and more. 

Sign-up to become a YouTube Contributor here:


YouTube is definitely focused on making your Creator experience better while also finding more money making opportunities for both of you. Stay tuned right here on TubeBloggy for the latest updates from YouTube and how it can help you grow as a Creator.

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