YouTube News: 6 New Features to Improve Your Creator Experience

YouTube is launching a ton of great new features to improve the user and creator experience. 

Let’s break down what they have announced this week.

Other Videos Your Audience Has Watched (Update)

YouTube has rolled this out to 40% of creators to test as of July 22nd. If you do NOT have this feature it is because either your content is made for kids or there isn’t enough data associated with your channel in order to launch it to you. 

As a reminder, the Other Videos Your Audience Has Watched feature can be found in the Audience section of your Analytics to show you other videos and channels your audience members are watching to help give you ideas about what kind of videos you could be making or that are trending for your niche.

More updates and releases around this will continue to roll out so make sure to stay tuned for more info.

New Way to Change Your Avatar Photo

Currently, in order to change your Avatar, or more commonly known as profile picture, you had to be on your desktop. But soon you will now be able to change your avatar from the YouTube Main App for both Android and iOS. This is going to make things much more convenient for creators because it will be less steps and clicking. 

Custom Emoji for Memberships

Currently, members of paid YouTube memberships are able to share and use custom emojis, but can only be used in Live Chats and Premiers. Now members will be able to use them in public and members only video comments. This will be massively amazing for creators because then their custom emojis will be being used by their raving fans on OTHER channel’s content which will help with brand awareness.

This will be slowly rolling out through July & August.

Return of Comment Card

This feature shows creators the comments across their channels that have NOT been engaged with yet, starting with the most recent first. This feature will be available on the desktop version of Studio.

Improved Info Card Experience

This new feature has been updated for a faster, easier, and simpler experience. You will be able to do this while uploading a video and it will all be self-contained in the one tab. This feature is available to all creators on YouTube.

Playlist Feature Deprecation

The following features are being phased out of Playlists:

  1. Video Notes
  2. Remove duplicate videos
  3. Set as official series
  4. Auto-add video rules
  5. Translate playlist

How do you feel about these new upcoming features? We are really excited about the Other Videos Your Audience Has Watched feature because it is going to give so much great data for creators to keep making great content. Also, amen to quicker Info Cards!

Stay tuned on TubeBloggy for the latest info from YouTube to help you on your creator journey.


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  • With the future deprecation of the auto-add video rules for playlists, is that a feature you guys will be considering adding to Tubebuddy's playlist functionality? It's an incredible useful feature!

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