Letters from Phil: Steering the Ship

I’ve probably mentioned this in previous posts but these days, TubeBuddy feels a lot more like steering a cruise ship and a lot less like driving a speedboat. 

Back in the day, the TubeBuddy speedboat was fun. Publishing brand new features every week. Having a blank slate of YouTube.com website Real Estate to work with and integrate features. A few thousand users total who were learning the in’s and out’s of YouTube SEO alongside us. 

Five and half years, 100+ tools and 4 MILLION users later, things look quite a bit different now. We have an enormous library of existing features that we need to constantly monitor and maintain. We have thousands and thousands of new users each day to educate and help along their YouTube journey. We have a huge social media following to keep active and push content out across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We have Enterprise customers from some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies that rely deeply on our product. We have a community forum and Discord server 30,000+ members strong. A mobile app used by nearly one million people across the planet. A growing list of industry business partners that we work with closely.  50,000 affiliates helping spread the TubeBuddy love and an endless supply of support tickets to respond to. It’s hard to believe that all of this is managed by just 13 employees. I guess we were lucky to hire a rockstar team.

Even with so much going on, we spend every free moment we have trying to think of the next killer feature. And new ways to help our users. We’re always in “build-mode” even when it’s hard to get through each day keeping up what we already have. Maybe that’s just how it goes when a product is founded by four developers. 

Although we can’t pump out features as fast as we used to, we do have a lot of great new things in development that I’d like to share. But Phil, what if the competition reads your blog and learns about the secret projects you’re working on?? The answer is simple - if our competition is focused on us and making decisions based on what we do, then we have them right where we want them. In the passenger seat. Distracted and not following their own guiding principles. So for you, our competition and whoever else might be reading, here’s what we have planned for the rest of 2020 and beyond.  

Education - on multiple fronts. Not only an end-to-end video YouTube training course but also a revamped customer journey for new users plus a step by step guide within the browser extension to help you accomplish all your YouTube goals. We’re taking Video SEO to a whole new level with a slew of Keyword Explorer improvements and the ability to research multiple keywords at once. More, more, more added to the ultimate in channel audits at ChannelReviews.com. An entire new module of TubeBuddy dedicated to CTR and winning the click unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. A mobile app refresh built from the ground up to run your channel completely without even needing our browser extension. And a whole lot more. Where will we find time to build all this? Beats me. But we’ll figure it out. We always have. And we’ll still make time for daily team Mario Kart races while we’re at it :) 

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