YouTube News: Most Watched Playlist Update, Verification Badge Process, and More

Sometimes I feel like we are keeping up with YouTube news like Baseball stats circa 1950s. But here we are again for more awesome news and updates from pitch hitter YouTube. 

Let’s see what’s on deck and what homers we can look to catch (see what I did there….)

Update To Most Watched Playlist
Creators have been asking YouTube for ways to analyze different content types and themes (which are the different areas of YouTube like Search, Discovery, etc.) YouTube is now experimenting with a new card in analytics that will tell you about watch time segmented by theme. This card will be showing the watch time from the entire video’s watch time not just from different playlists.  

To become a part of the experiment. You need to have four playlists each with 3-4 videos that are from your own channel.

Verification Badge Process
The ever so desirable blue verification badge now has an update. To qualify, here is what is required:

  1. Must have a minimum of 100,000 subscribers.
  2. The account must be complete with all information filled in and a channel header graphic.
  3. Your content must be authentic, meaning you claim to be who you say you are. 

YouTube is facing delays but is working to fix this issue, so they ask that we be patient and stay tuned for more information.

Studio Permissions
YouTube is adding a new manager permission to YouTube channels called Editor withOUT access to revenue data. YouTube is hoping to add more roles in the coming months but also know that this will have limiting features and will only be accessible through Studio Desktop.

Saying Goodbye To….
Poll cards for good. There was just way too little engagement and use of this feature. There are other options and CTAs available through Google Forms and comments. 

Comments Experience for Community Posts
In February of 2020, YouTube announced they would be improving the Community post experience by including replies to comment replies, sort comments by newest first, comment pinning and comment management in Studio. This is now available for all Creators and it applies to ALL HISTORIC posts. 

Analytics Video Overview - New Look, Who Dis!
In YouTube Analytics Overview, there is now a new Realtime sidebar with real time data for your channel on the right of screen above the fold. They are also including information about why your video may or may not be performing well. More coming to this page as well, so stay tuned.

YouTube Blog Rebrand
It’s hard to believe, but in the 15-years since YouTube started, the one thing that has never changed is the YouTube blog, which was built on blogger. It will now be a one stop shop for all company news and announcements. There will be four specific categories:

  1. News and Events
  2. Creator and Artist
  3. Culture and Trends
  4. Inside Youtube

These new sections will highlight and share so many things that are a part of the YouTube sphere of influence locally and around the globe. The YouTube blog will now take you into the lives and parts of creators and YouTube HQ in a way that has never happened before. 

Stories Analytics Updates
To allow for Creators to know how their YouTube Stories are performing, there will now be analytics on Home in the Mobile App with data from the last 14-days. 

Over here, we are super excited about these updates, especially the new look for the YouTube blog. We can’t wait to see what creators are doing around the world and how YouTube culture is changing and affecting the world.

Stay tuned to TubeBloggy for news, announcements, and more about Youtube.

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  • YouTube needs to get smarter like they did with custom urls for new creators with a legal and notable brand for the verification badge as most brands are like Savvy Turtle we are stoked and all for embracing the process to becoming a great creator while not focusing on monetizing etc as a goal. However the verification badge process hinders is as knockoff channels, videos, stolen counterfeit merch ads being run etc. by simply putting a YouTube official verified badge next to the brand channel it lets the brand customers fans and new people and those on YouTube all know which one is the brand our case which one is the real savvy turtle 2nd YouTube current requirements shows they only thought about creators in mind who only have YT on their mind and not about those like Savvy Turtle coming in to learn to be a great creator while managing a 21 year old established brand and company. End with this We believe YouTube is awesome and we debunked personally a lot of myths and believe most who work in the YT space are awesome and there for creators we also believe YT has a long road ahead to step outside YT cloud and see it looking in

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