YouTube News: Chat Support, Paid Promotions, Email Notifications, and More

One of the great things about YouTube is that they are always testing and improving the User and Creator experience. They are so focused on removing unnecessary features and finding new ways to make existing features perform better. So let's dive into the latest YouTube news.

New Chat Support Shortcut in Studio
This feature will be rolling out to 10% of English speaking Users. This will be available in Studio for monetized Creators so that Creators can have access to support via chat. 

This new feature is in light of the fact that while 100% of monetized channels have access to chat support and email support, only 25% of monetized know this exists. By adding this chat feature it will allow for Creators to easily communicate with YouTube. 

HOWEVER, if you are NOT part of the pilot program for the new shortcut, you can still access YouTube chat support by going to the Help Center > Question mark button > follow the prompts. 

Paid Promotions Update
YouTube Creators are required to inform YouTube and viewers if their videos include paid promotion by selecting the “My video contains paid promotion like a product placement or endorsement” box. There was also an option to have an on screen disclosure for views on your video. This will now automatically happen for every paid promotion video.

Find out more about YouTube's Paid Promotions policies and regulations here.

Updates to Email Notifications on YouTube
Creators and Users across the board feel that YouTube is a little too aggressive with emails. In fact, they discovered that only 0.1% of your subscribers are opening that “New Upload” emails they send. 

YouTube’s notification team decided to run a 3-month experiment where they didn’t send New Upload emails. What they discovered is that videos were actually performing better and viewers tend to use Push notifications more. Even upon asking Creators in a focus group how they feel about these emails and the overwhelming response was they didn’t do anything to help. So YouTube will be turning off this feature in the coming months. 

This will NOT affect your push notifications that go to mobile or the subscription box. YouTube is more concerned about the User experience and by turning off this feature will improve the experience over all.

Changes to Live Streaming Notifications
With the rise of live streaming through COVID, YouTube wants to make sure they your live streams have the best opportunity for success especially because they need to be timely. So YouTube is going to be aiding in the discovery and notification of Live Streams and Premiers by shifting more resources towards supporting these features. 

Additionally, some more attention is being given to the Live Stream Reminder by applying the same reliability standards that YouTube currently has for the Bell Notification. So now the Bell Notification and the Set Reminder feature on YouTube have the same level of success for Creators and Users. 

YouTube is also giving attention to the Notifications Tab so that Creators and Users can find the latest updates, most recent bell notifications, and general improvements there for us to look forward to. 

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